New Rules, New Meghan

Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex is the new addition to royal family. With being a new member, she has to adjust to her new life, and with new life there comes a new set of rules which she would have to follow religiously now.

Some of the rules are:

  1. No selfies and autographs. Former actress, Meghan would be so used to the number of requests of selfies and autographs. But with the new life, the Duchess would now no further give autographs in any situation, since there would be fear of sign forgery. Meghan would not indulge in giving selfies too since this rule was created to encourage more eye contacts and conversations with royal than turning their backs and clicking selfies.
  2. No social media. The royals don’t have their personal social media, their accounts are managed by their social media managers. Meghan Markle who has been a social media influencer has shut down her all medias, including twitter, Facebook and Instagram. With the media, she has shut down her personal lifestyle blog ‘ The Tig’
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