7 Ways To Beat Stress And To Be Relieved

There’s one thing which nowadays everyone has in common, Stress!!!! Once we attain consciousness we work hard for individual recognition and career, adding on burdens in our lives called stress rather than enjoyment and pleasure in our life. The world today has changed drastically to a level that not only adults but also kids are worried and stress about trivial issues. Isn’t so, that at the end of the day we are rushing for things, meeting the deadlines, fighting for some relationship stuff or are dealing with the exam fear?

Stress is basically the uncomfortable or the difficult situations that make us feel tensed and tautened. These “stressful situations” release a large number of hormones in our body to make us face dangerous situations. Stress can be healthy but can also be toxic. A human being is healthy when he reaches the ground normal state from the “hyper” or the “excited one”. Prolonged stress or an inability to manage stress can result in serious diseases or disorders like anxiety, which may require medical intervention. Inability is due to the unawareness about how to deal with these situations. So, here we have come up with 7 best ways to help people deal with tensed conditions, Stress!

1. Know the cause: Firstly, how can you deal with stress when you aren’t aware of the cause. So, it is very important to identify all the stuff upon which you are stressing. Tiredness and persistent headaches are the two prime symptoms of stress. The common causes are job stress or the study stress, relationships not going right or maybe the current living conditions. One should identify the root causes of your headache and tiredness very well.

2. Seek guidance or professional help: At times people feel relaxed and comfortable when they say their thoughts out loud. And for this, you need elders, friends or maybe professional help. Talking to people may not necessarily solve your problem but will create some space for positive thoughts in your brain as all the negativity will begin to evacuate once they are conveyed to the other person. If you are an introvert, jot down your stuff in a dairy and try to relax and calm down.

3. Stop cutoff from Social Media: If you are stressed this doesn’t mean you’ll end up with your social contacts and deactivate all your media accounts. This is a  wrong move. It will only result in isolation and cause demotivation and you may feel aim-less or worthless. So don’t come up with such ideas as you’ll be needing your friends and the circle in the utter hours of distress.

4. Get some “me” time: Sometimes it is needed for a person to talk to himself or herself. You can be your own motivator! Engaging yourself in other activities may temporarily solve your problems but in the end, you will feel incomplete. Start spending time with yourself by doing all those activities which you like. Say for example: Make new dishes or start reading a book and then review it or you can just play few games, make sure they are outdoor games as it will help in the physical workout keeping you as fit as a fiddle.

5.  Exercise: You not only need to keep your mind fit but also physical fitness is very much needed to stay fit. Wake up early and go out for walks and then exercise to keep your body fit. If not exercises, try dance classes or aerobic and do remember that “Physical fitness leads to mental fitness which promotes positive thoughts in the brain”.

6. Keep a check on your diet: Diet is an emotion which has great influence on your mood and good mood leads to positive thoughts which ultimately result in creative work and increases your concentration in your task.

7. Smile: A smile a day keeps thousand of problems away! So spread your charming smile everywhere and as it’s the best thing that you own!

From exercises to dance classes and from good food to cooking classes there are innumerable techniques which can help you to deal with your stress issues and boost your happiness. So try them out and fight your stress and have a good time! Stay Fit Stay Healthy!

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