Toxic Air Pollution In the Capital City, Delhi!!

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The Capital city, Delhi is enveloped with pestilential smog such that the citizens are instructed to avoid morning walks and outdoor activities by the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR). Also, the overall Air Quality Index of Delhi stood at 440 which falls under the hazardous category, therefore, requires the immediate attention of the Delhi government authorities.

As the thick smog and dust layer cover the National capital, people even the healthy citizens are facing health problems like breathlessness accompanied by nose & eye irritation.

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Voicing on the issue, Secretary of Indian Medical Association, VK Mogra advised that older people, kids and pregnant women and cardiac patients to avoid going out especially in the morning.

Now, considering the venomous air condition of the capital city there are certain key Do’s which is to be followed by the Delhite and people going to the city.

Firstly, people should wear the right pollution mask to survive Delhi’s toxic air condition. Also, it should be noted that certain masks, particularly the surgical masks don’t really stop the air pollutants and fail to act as a barrier between the skin and the polluted air. So, instead of going for psychological comfort one should look for quality masks which serves the required purpose.

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If we try to catch the root cause of the Delhi’s pollution, it is mainly because of the burning activities, which are done by the farmers, residing in the neighbouring states during this season. And because of the increase in the cost of the machines this year they were unable to purchase proper seeds and so this activity continues polluting the National Capital.

So, to avoid health issues the second important thing advised by the medical practitioners is to “Stay In”. Avoid outdoor activities, even the morning walk.

The Diwali season adds on more of the pollution to the city. Despite the Supreme Court orders on the firecrackers, Delhi citizens decided not to pay heed on the issue and so the condition worsened and has reached to such a level that even a healthy person will fall sick. Though it is said that there is an improvement in the air quality since November 8, but the recovery is slow.

We advise Delhites to be careful and don’t take the condition casually and don’t forget to leave without taking your pollution masks.

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