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Diwali Twitter Post Causes Fire, Mouni Roy Skinny-Shamed Again

When it comes to celebrity trolling, haters are never far behind. They seize every opportunity they can to not just troll but also to body shame, which sometimes, can get out of hand. Mouni Roy is one such actress, who is never too far away from this toxic scrutiny.

Mouni Roy started off her career playing the role of a ‘Naagin’ in the popular TV show of the same name. Recently, she made her Bollywood debut with ‘Gold’ starring alongside Akshay Kumar and also has an interesting line-up of movie releases in the near future. If her remarkable performances weren’t enough to keep her in the news, Mouni has always remained a favourite target to online -body-shamers who criticize her pictures and slim appearance, calling her “malnourished” on social media websites.

Body-shaming is an extremely disgraceful form of cyber-bullying that is on a rampant, especially in the online lives of celebrities where anonymous users find it to be their right to unprofessionally criticize one’s body and appearance.

While a lot of this includes fat-shaming, it is also important to consider the existence and effects of ‘skinny-shaming’ as this can have the same or more adverse and undeserved consequences on the victims.

Having about 3 million followers on Twitter, Mouni Roy has a huge following of those who admire her slim, well-toned body; her fitness regime has often been commended too. But more often than not, her posts go viral owing to the fact that a small number of her followers as well as haters, body shame her publicly.  Recently, when she posted pictures of her dancing on Diwali (Nov 10th, 2018), on popular site Twitter, it received not just compliments but also drew a lot of flak as people weren’t happy with her small waist and skinny body. With comments like “…lakdi ho gaye ho” and “haddi”, it seems like the trolls will stop at nothing.

This isn’t the first time Mouni Roy has faced this. Earlier this year, she was the centre of all hate as she wore a white off-shoulder gown to a function. This did not go down too well as they criticized her for not wearing “Indian cultural outfits”. Following this, she silenced them the very next day by posting a picture of herself yet again, in a desert with the caption “hopelessly flawed”. Her subtle but powerful move worked just right and silenced the haters.

In conclusion, body-shaming a person is unacceptable. There may be people who know better than to let it affect their confidence, but in the age where body image plays an important role in the lives of the young, this practice should be curbed and abolished from the internet.

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