Rakhi Sawant Says That Her “Enemies” Planned To Kill Her

The Indian dancer, model Rakhi Sawant has been in the news these days for her allegations on her enemies, particularly the Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta.

Rakhi Sawant’s dance performance at a wrestling show was organized in Panchkula on Sunday. After the show, Rakhi claimed that one of her enemies which primarily included Tanushree Dutta, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan and Harpreet Insaan, had planned an attack on her. The female wrestler who attacked her first lifted her up and then knocked her down on the floor post her dance performance.

Rakhi sustained a serious back injury and had to be admitted in the hospital after the terrible incident. She makes a statement that it was a plan made by her enemies to cause her major injuries or to fracture her body parts and make her unfit to an extent that she cannot dance again.

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Voicing on the issue, she spoke to reporters that the wrestler challenged to fight with her but later challenged her on dancing and all this ultimately led to an argument between the two and the wrestler lifted her up and knocked her down on the floor. She also claims that all this counter- challenge was planned by her enemies and was an attempt to kill her.

She further added that she is a popular dancer and dance is the only way by which she earns her living, which she calls earning her bread and butter. And all these counter challenges were a trap to make her unfit for dancing so that she could barely manage to earn her living. According to her, the “firangi” wrestler was paid a huge amount to smash her down on the floor of the rings of the Haryana’s Panchkula.

After being smashed by the wrestler Rakhi laid down supine and was immediately admitted to the hospital. She complained of the stomachaches and backache. After being terribly injured her condition is now stable and will soon be back in the Industry. This entire trap was laid down by her enemies as she acted as a barrier and didn’t allow them to pollute the Bollywood Industry, she adds on.

We hope Rakhi recovers soon from the injury and the matter which has captured heat around the nation sorts out quickly and for more updates stay tuned to BolteRaho.

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