The Difference Between The Organic Search Traffic And Direct Traffic

When any client reaches up to you, and you talk about the value of Google Analytics and the traffic on the website. You give special value or importance to where your website traffic was merely coming from. You went on about how Google Analytics can show different sources to point whether people came from the search, special site referral or via social media channels and how valuable that data was.

One of the most important questions which everyone has nowadays is “What is the direct traffic and Organix search traffic?”. It sometimes sounds simple, and we can also give straightforward answers to this. But it is a little bit complicated that it looks like.


The most popular and common answer which we all have heard from people is that direct traffic refers to any visitor that come directly to your website either by just typing your domain address in the browser or just coming from the bookmarks. The user doesn’t just click on any link or search the keyword for your site. But we cannot say that the answer is complete, what you asked about the direct traffic. Moreover, we can say that it is a small portion of the traffic which we can say is that direct traffic.

We can also see the traffic sources by selecting the Google Analytics settings. You can find your direct traffic by going to > All Traffic > Channels. This will also give you a fair idea of traffic source, conversions, and behaviour from all the available channels whether it will be paid, referral, direct, email, social, etc.


We can say in a very layman language that direct traffic doesn’t have any type of referral sites or any of the other source of referral links which is passed towards your website. That also does not mean that the visitor did not click on a link or come from any of the other sites. It simply means that the traffic did not get recorded in the Google by the organic traffic.

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Is direct traffic good or bad for SEO?

Direct website traffic is good for the ranking of SEO. Direct traffic comes with the help of branding. Means you have already branded your business to some people and they really know your brand very well.

Branding a product always helps in SEO, Direct Traffic will be much more helpful to SEO when it is navigated by the local visitors from where your business is located.

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