Nasofilter, a New Invention by IITians

Nasofilter, a new revolution catching all the heat of the town is actually an invention developed by IITians to protect people from the venomous air around the Capital City and the Nation. As the nation is soon getting enveloped with pestilential smog such that the citizens have started to avoid morning walks and outdoor activities. As the thick smog and dust layer envelop the National especially the National Capital, people even the healthy citizens are facing health problems like breathlessness accompanied by nose & eye irritation.

As people all around the nation are avoiding outdoor activities, a group of talented IITians is up with revolutions and one catching all of the current heat is the Nasofilter. The three founders of this mind-blowing invention are Prateek Sharma, Tushar Vyas, and Jatin Kewlani. These talented young minds were guided by teams of professionals of the IIT Delhi, namely Manjeet Jassal and Ashwini Aggarwal and had an investor and supporter, Sanjeev Jain.

The history of the invention deals with a certain tragic situation as it was Prateek Sharma’s mother suffering from Asthma and the venomous air situation around the corner worsened her condition and he soon decided to come up with something that can help his mother survive the air toxicity. Because of the discomfort caused by the nose buds and the face masks, his mother was reluctant to use any of such items. Her reluctance made him ponder about things like to develop something that not exactly cover our face and at the same time doesn’t enter our nose. And so, he and his fellow IIT friends started with the research work and ultimately developed the Nasofilter.

Nasofilter is basically a device which has been made by accumulating millions of pores on the unit area of fabric. It actually looks and feels like a small strip of paper placed on the external nostrils and doesn’t really get in, instead acts as a filter, filtering the toxic air. The device sticks on the external nares and filters 95 percent of PM 2.5 million.  One amazing property of the device which separates it from all other inventions developed considering the air quality of the nation, especially the national capital is that it can be used while sleep as well.

This invention not only solved problems of the asthmatic patients but also of the Delhiites and provided huge relief to the Delhi crowd when it was being sold on affordable rate.

The young minds and their team are receiving huge appreciation from the Nation and they have been awarded “Startup National Award 2017” by the ex-president Pranab Mukherjee along with the award money of 15 lakh from Technology Development Board.

So, we all should thank and start using the amazing filters developed by the IITian Team to prevent ourselves from the pestilential air conditions of the Nation.

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