Meet Usha Kiran: The First Youngest Female COBRA Commando.

PETITE. VAIN. WEAK. DOMESTIC. The society said this long enough that every single girl believed it and lived by it. But as time changed, we opened our eyes, started erasing the labels and began our protest against this twisted pre-constructed notion that defines a woman.

In a male dominant world, women struggled agonizingly to release themselves from the shackles of patriarchal oppression. Amidst these on-going struggles, we see success in the form of Kalpana Chawla, Indira Gandhi, Phoolan Devi and P V Sindhu etc. Usha Kiran is the next candidate to be added to that list. She has overcome and amended the representation of a woman, and replaced the term “WEAK” with “STRONG” and “COURAGEOUS”.                                              Usha Kiran, named as Vogue Woman of the Year (2018)

The 27-year-old beauty, Usha, joined the 232 Mahila Battalion of  CRPF for her one-year training course in 2014. After a couple years of training, under a special request, she joined the elite Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (COBRA). She is the first youngest female COBRA Commando of the CRPF.  She intentionally requests to be put in male battalions guarding hostile areas. She is the literal embodiment of courageousness, and she doesn’t let her gender hold her back. She is currently in Bastar, Chhattisgarh protecting the nation from a dangerous naxal region.

A female’s body is always considered to be weak, fragile and tender. But biologically, their body can take more pain and has more withstanding power. Despite all the pessimistic comments, she trained herself to be strong. She is a national athlete, represented Delhi in the triple jump. Instead of listening to the negativity and discouragement around her, she kept her head high and moved forward. And for that sole reason, we admire her more.

She has been named the Vogue Woman of the Year 2018. And for the awards ceremony,  she came in her CRPF uniform. The pride she holds in being an officer is what she showed us at the awards. Vanity isn’t bad. But it is worse when it is associated with just one gender, and further used as a mean to derogate them. But now, the world has changed, there is progress. But to all those who fail to see so, meet Usha Kiran.

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