What is Progressive Web Apps? All You Need To Know About

Every mobile app development company has nowadays taken a breath of relief. The growth of the mobile app development is undisputed. According to a report and survey, a user daily spends 70% of their time on the internet on their mobile. As smartphone users are increasing on a daily basis, and so is the use of the internet as well. Google is also helping the users to get much more friendly with the smartphone users and is also proving lots of surfing options.

In comparison with the native applications, some of the mobile web applications still did not have any of these features till now. Moreover, now thanks to the progressive web apps, as it is now possible. It has the latest technology, with new Website APIs(Application Program Interface) and also a brand new amazing concept.

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What is a progressive web app?

Progressive apps are going to give a user the experience of native apps on the mobile browser such as Opera, Chrome, etc.

Benefits of Progressive web Apps:

No load time: Progressive web apps are available quickly and instantly.

Progressive: As the name only suggest, that is built with progressive enhancement and can also work on any of the browsers.

User engagement: With some of the specific features like progressive web apps, push notifications are highly user app like feel to the users.

App shell mode- You can even build progressive web apps on the technology of app shell, and can deliver an app like feel to the users.

Auto update: As already discussed, the average size of the mobile app is 20-100 MB. Moreover, the progressive is just within the size of KB’s.

Final thoughts

The app development company which performs the progressive web app development is sure going to reach a vast number of end users soon. Some of the brands which use progressive web development are BookMyShow, Ola, Twitter, Flipkart, etc.

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