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PUBG- A Smart-mobile Game For New Generation


PUBG is nothing but a game which has an adrenaline rush with fake dopamine rewards.           I mean that just imagine you are playing PUBG, you land on an island and the hustle begins to survive, with a good charged phone and earphones adjusted to high Volume, you slowly gather all stuff to fight and survive meanwhile looking out for other players. This requires such a huge amount of attentiveness and focus that your eyes are literally fixed on the screen while your heart is constantly pounding with excitement.

The game is about being the last man standing on a virtual island, where you and 99 others are dropped from a fighter plane. These 99 opponents are not internet bots but real people joining from across the world. Unlike other online battle games, PUBG starts with a casual playback and becomes seriously difficult later. As time passes, the number of players keep on decreasing and circle shrinks thereby increasing pressure on players and demanding more attentiveness and focus.

There also comes some armour, weapon cover or you have airdrop weapons for which you literally risked your life (no one ever wants to die with a fully equipped AWM which has not been used a single time). In the end, even if you manage to end up in a 1 VS all situation. 1 Situation (1 Squad VS 1 solo), you know there is always a win/loss ratio of 50:50 (sometimes its even 1 VS all which even adds more pressure).

So if you manage to win by defeating all the odds of a one against 100, spending all your mental energy for- 30 minutes of focusing, alertness and quick responsive actions; for all the hard work you get to see this screen with a digital chicken dinner grade points and all other stuff along with boosted levels of dopamine for a few Seconds (and if in the flipside you lose, then you will lose dopamine) such a variation in dopamine levels really changes how our brain works and rewires the reward system to same as that of a drug addict would have.

Overall, PUBG is fun. The transition from casual to extremely difficult provides a new experience every time. In one game, you get the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” title and in the next, you get killed in the first few seconds for want of a weapon. Importantly, the game is free and allows the in-game purchase. It is addictive especially if you have friends to play with. The gameplay is not lengthy but the desire to win makes you play on a loop.

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