Visa Free Thailand Visit!!

“No Visa fees for Thailand!” Yes, Travelers and Globetrotters, you are hearing it right there is no, no no VISA FEES for Thailand. The Thai government has recently announced a temporary exemption to the Visa fees of countries, around fifty-five countries and the list includes, India! So, yes we can be there enjoying the savannah climate of the country with our families for New Year outings or for romantic honeymoon time for all the Newlyweds and also those in love and still not confessed, try the same this time and enjoy your weekend in the loveliest place, Thailand or else if bored with your daily life routine take a break with your friends and enjoy your bachelorette in the country!


Now, according to the rule, people visiting the country can stay there for about 30 days and make memories that last long. This is actually a golden opportunity which travelers you shouldn’t miss on.

And before you look on to this, there is one important part which shouldn’t miss on. The Thailand government has set up three criteria and they are:

  • The visit should be only for tourism purposes.
  • The travellers should have a confirmed return ticket which can prove that they will fly out from Thailand within 30 days of entry and open tickets do not qualify for the fact.
  • The passengers should have at least 10,000 TBH per person during their stay in Thailand.

Thailand is all about love! It is a country with emotion! The climate and beaches have different stories which have to catch up with and add one to it. Spend time with your loved ones in Thailand and enjoy visiting radiant temples and monks. Not only the weather but also the country is famous for Thai massages and their regional outfits. Hangout in the country enjoying beaches, temples, walks by moonlight, spa’s and don’t forget to shop from handcrafted shops to mega multi-storied shopping malls!

                                 “This New Year… Make new memories in Thailand!”

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