What I Thought About The ZEE5 Original Series B.Tech

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In the past few months, ZEE5 has launched many entertaining Original shows for their viewers such as Chitra Vichitram, Kaali and Alarm. The viewers have loved each show, and there is not even a single doubt that the viewers have been waiting for their latest show B.Tech by Tharun Bhascker eagerly. Tharun Bhascker always comes up with amazing, inspiring and impacting storylines. After the success of Pelli Choopulu, Tharun Bhascker was praised a lot for his simple yet unconventional storytelling skills. Tharun Bhascker himself is an engineer, and this helped pave the way for writing as he had more insights into the life of the engineering students.

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The show was premiered on 15th November 2018 and has since been immensely loved by all the people who have watched it as people can very well relate themselves to the characters and feel what they are going through in their life. Actors featuring in the show are Abhay, Kaushik, Meraj and Madhubala.  

The show follows the narrative of three students at an engineering college, whose seats are always empty just like their empty desire to be an engineer. The three students are –  Vikram, who has an interest in filmmaking, Akhtar desires to be a bike racer and Hari dreams to be an entrepreneur.

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The show seems to be realistic and relatable as it beautifully portrays the lives of students who are pursuing engineering or for that matter; any other course who are interested in something else. However, family and society and education system play a gigantic role in what one pursues higher studies. In, Akhtar utters in frustration that it is the education system’s fault the way we choose what we have to become or pursue after school or even after tenth class. As no one focuses on one talent or skill, the person is rather forced to study and do well in each subject.  

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What is worse is when one tries to follow their passion, everyone tries to oppose it rather than support it.  A person will be pestered about the drawbacks about their passion with no focus on the advantages.

B.Tech is one show that the youth must watch as they can feel the frustration of the characters in the show. There are a lot of gaps that the society needs to fill and B.Tech points them out very subtly. This series will give you the courage and passion to follow your dreams and maybe just speak your heart out. One good news for those interested in watching this series is that it has been dubbed in multiple languages. So, I highly recommend you check out this show right away and get some food for thought.


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