December 7, Makers Are Up With The Avengers 4 Trailer

So, the Marvel fans and super-fans here they come with the news that you were so eagerly waiting for the whole year. The Avengers series has always captured the heat and the appreciation from all its fans out there. People have so been involved and loved the plot of the series and all the characters, particularly the Thor, who captured a lot of attention in the previous films for all this Mjolnir (which according to Mythology is the Norse that the God of Thunder, Thor is associated with) being broken down and him being back with a new strong and sharp weapon of his called the Strom Breaker.

The audience was so excited to see him back in the form and are so curious to know what will happen when there’s a second encounter of him with the main antagonist, Thanos who aims to wipe out half of the population so that the other half can live peacefully and judicial use of resources takes place. He’s so negative thought has almost reached the heights that certain important characters like the Spiderman, Dr Strange and others have disappeared and people are waiting to see them back. Fan’s heart almost skipped a beat with the Spiderman’s disappearance and they were in shock with Dr Strange’s disappearance too.

Robert Downy Junior has always been the apple of the series and everyone has to hold their breath to see him back again in the franchise in the Iron Man form to save the Planet from the Deadly Villain who now has all the stones and is up with his to complete his doltish Aim.


Fans, the moment is soon coming when the team will be up with the Avengers Trailer and the makers are changing the date quite frequently but it is definitely the first week of December. Earlier the same was scheduled on December 5 but maybe due to death of former American President George H.W. Bush, the same has been rescheduled on December 7, 2018! And the Marvel President is so sure of his words, he had promised the audience to release the trailer before the end of the year and so everybody around the globe are waiting for the Trailer to be drop out.

We hope that the same happens by the claimed date and for more updates stay tuned to BolteRaho!

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