Kindle- The Best Pocket Library

Kindle for the ones who love to read

Amazon puts a library in your pocket it holds thousands of books within its sleek black casing, while thousands more can be stored in the cloud. Paperwhite betrays very little from outside ( no subway snooping of what you are reading here) but there a lot going inside. The Paperwhite has adjustable LED lighting so you can see the page while camping under the stars, is now waterproof for blissful beachside reading, and has feature lates you follow along with every mention of a character or term without frantic flipping.

There are over 80,000 books in MatchBook, but you might not find a lot of books you own thereof the hundreds of books. I have purchased over the year on Amazon, only eight are available for the match and two are books in the public domain.

Highlights of Your Life 

If you miss the day of fat yellow highlighter in a textbook, then being able to highlight passages might be one of your favourite features on the Kindle. Place your finger on the text you want the highlight and drag your finger to include more or less text. It will then be greyed out on your Kindle; Tap it to delete or select more or less text. Your Highlights are stored on the kindle Highlight page.

Kindle X-Ray 

Some time books smarter than you and sometimes it’s even a genius. The X-Ray features boost a book’s IQ by letting you examine its bones (ideas, topics, historical figures, fictional characters and places) in an instant. When you have a book open on the screen to display the secondary reading toolbar, then to the X-Ray button. You will be able to search for more information about key people, place, and ideas on the books and to view a timeline of the rotatable section. X-RAY is n’t available for all books.

Catching up on all the reading you have stored in the pocket app can be like trying to get through a towering stack of The New York. You intended to read every word but now it just seems overwhelming. Send some of those articles to your kindle paperwhite and you will be more likely to read them. You can do that by using pocket 2 kindle, which connects your Amazon and pocket accounts.

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