Why Amazon Prime Is A Must

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One of the most common and widely used e-commerce sites is, undoubtedly Amazon. The range of products it covers is tremendous and big, and it is used all over the world for online purchases. However, the only thing better than Amazon is Amazon Prime. Yup! You heard that right.

“Members receive benefits which include FREE fast shipping for eligible purchases, streaming of movies, TV shows and music, exclusive shopping deals and selection, unlimited reading, and more”, reads Amazon.

Let’s look into this closely.

1. Free Deliveries – Prime Membership gives free two day deliveries, even free same day deliveries. On thousands of items, it literally gives 2 hours deliveries! It even gives free release date deliveries, means pre-order your item and get it on launch day! If you are in no rush, then Amazon Prime even rewards you for patience.

2. Shopping Benefits – It gives 5% cashback on whole foods market, on purchases and Amazon Prime store card. Not only that, Prime Wardrobe is an exclusive program where customers can try clothing items on before buying. Also, every sale, launch and lightning deal opens up 30 minutes early to Prime customers.

3. Reading Benefits – This is heaven for all the readers and bookworms out there, believe me.  Books, catalogues and magazines can be ‘borrowed’ and read on Kindle, Kindle app, or fire reader. Early access and one new free book download every month. Unlimited listening to original audio series and, exclusive prices on hardcover titles!

4. Streaming benefits – Amazon has its own video viewing platform, Prime Video, which, is the most important reason why one should buy a Prime Membership. Access to over thousands of movies and series in so many languages. My personal view is its user interface is quite better than Netflix. Not to mention Prime Music where you can stream and download lakhs of songs. Promotions on pre-order games are just icing on the cake.

And the price for all this? Only 999 Rs per year. Also, if you are a Vodafone user, then it is only for Rs 499 for you! Yes, amigo! That cheap! We can also take a free trial for 30 days to be sure if we like it, and, well, undoubtedly, it is very likeable.

Now let us weigh our options. We can either have Amazon, and pay for product’s deliveries, or have prime and have almost everything delivered for free! It is much cheaper than Netflix and also offers not only video streaming but much more for literally one third the cost. And if you order even 12 items in a year from Amazon, your payment is basically saved on just the delivery charges.

An entire household can basically survive on a single membership easily! More than one person can use Prime Video and Prime Music. In fact, we are 5 friends who are sharing my account. We all save money on our orders, and all we had to pay was only 100 Rs per person for a subscription for an entire year! (Vodafone users, yay!) I have watched so many series and movies on Prime Video and still so many to go. Not only that, I have easily saved way more money than I have spent on Prime due to early accessibilities and free deliveries.

I have been using Amazon Prime for over 2 and half years now, and everyone who hasn’t yet joined in, absolutely should. It is hands down, a must.

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