Here Is How You Can Get Dance-Proof Makeup

Although it might sometimes feel like, a wedding function is a marathon, not a sprint. You might think that your makeup is picture perfect and you can actually it pull off in every selfie.

Here are some tips from the ace makeup artist Elton Fernandez from NYC that how you can have a dance-proof makeup and hairdo on any function.

Here is how you can get dance-proof makeup:


Prime your T-zone

Most of the makeup artists tell that the women need to blend the primer right along the T-zone. You can use the primer across the forehead, down and around the corners of your nose and also on the chin before applying foundation. It will help your blush and bronzer to blend with your makeup easily.


To avoid blotches and discolouration you should use a spray to set your look for any function. According to the makeup artists who work for celebrities for red carpet, award shows, television shows highly recommend to spray first before applying makeup on your face to set everything right on the place.

Use powder

Always remember to use a powder across the eyelids helps stop shadow from fading away. Tap off any excess before you swipe the brush so that you don’t distort the colour of your eyeshadow.

Layer it up

If you are a dance lover then you should always apply lip liner first on your lips before wearing any lipstick to keep it intact no matter what you are eating and drinking as it will not go easily. Doing all this might look a burden but when you will actually do it you will realize that your lipstick will stay more than two hours and it is worth doing.

Waterproof your mascara

There is nothing painful than watching your mascara smudged in summers or if you sweat a lot. Trust me that is really embarrassing if you go to a party. In order to avoid such situations make sure that you buy waterproof mascara for your lashes so that no matter how much you dance sweat it will not come off easily until you rub off on your own.

Handy shimmer glow

After the party, your skin looks dull and you start looking tired. If this thing happens with you and you feel that your skin lacks the glamour then it’s better to keep shimmer powder handy as it will add the extra amount of glow and radiance to your skin.

Use these products and let us know your experience in the comments section below and for more beauty related updates stay tuned! 

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