7 Home Air Purifiers To Keep Your House Pollution Free

According to the world health organisation, 15 out of 20 most polluted cities are present in India. The worst part of it is the air quality of indoors is more harmful than outside. According to research done in this context is that the equipment that we use in the household work like stoves, electrical appliances, smoke, poor ventilation and many more hazardous activities. Due to the bad quality of air people living in the home, get addicted to various airborne diseases like lung diseased, allergies. Recently the census of Delhi tells that – there are around 30,000 deaths per year due to hazardous pollutants present in the home and as well as outside.

While choosing an air purifier for your home, you have to check a few things like HEPA filtration, Clean air delivery rate, sound, and others.

Few of air purifiers that can make your house pollution free:

1) HONEYWELL AIR PURIFIER: It is the most recommended air purifier. It has a long battery span of 3,000 hours and it consists of 3 stage filtration technology to sweep away the polluted air.

The child lock system ensures safety from the dangerous contents. The performance of this filter is highly appreciated by many of the users.

2) PHILIPS 2000 SERIES AIR PURIFIER: It is one of the efficient and highly appreciable purifiers. It helps in the enhancement of technology of purifiers and they provide better results. Compared to all it provides a more area in terms of providing fresh area. If you want to go more advanced features in the same Philips brand, then this is the best choice for you.

3) MI AIR PURIFIER 2 UNDER 10000: Next purifier which you can look upon is MI AIR PURIFIER. It is one of the best purifiers as it covers a large area in terms of providing fresh air. It looks simple, elegant and small in size. It is enhanced with the aerodynamic pressure system to draw air from the room and expel a good fresh air. It is economically less and will easily be in your budget.


4) ATLANTA AIR PURIFIER: With Atlanta air purifier you can easily be Stress-free for maintaining fresh air in your surrounding. It provides the best quality of air and maintains a good health of air. One of the demerits of it is that it is more useful for small rooms, then compared to large rooms. The body of the purifier is made with poor plastic.

5) SHARP AIR PURIFIER UNDER 20000: Number 5 on the list is occupied by SHARP AIR PURIFIER, the reason being is that it has the capability to purify with the combination of the active and passive purification system. And the best part of it is: it consumes minimum power consumption less than 37watt that in turn save the electricity bill. Automatic option will let you restart the device when there is a power failure or by the set time.

6) GLIESE MAGIC AIR PURIFIER: The name of this purifier in itself is unique. Because of that, you can imagine the speciality of this purifier. This purifier is pocket-friendly. This purifier is equipped with 360 mechanisms and 5-stage air pollution technology. This filter removes all types of bacteria, virus from the air and provides you best air.

7) OOZO H30 INDOOR AIR PURIFIER: Enjoy the fresh air in the room using OOZO H30 INDOOR AIR PURIFIER. It is specially designed in black and white in colour. Another feature in it is that it has an inbuilt air sensor to test the air quality. The performance of this purifier is quite acceptable and also comes with 1-year warranty. There is a time setting option where it automatically switches off the purifier when setting for specified hours.

These are few of air purifiers that can make your house pollution free.

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