Healthy Mind Resides In A Healthy Body

We all believe in an old saying that “HEALTHY MIND RESIDES IN A HEALTHY BODY”.

Famous Urdu Poet Mirza Ghalib said, “IF YOU ARE NOT POOR, HEALTH IS THE BEST GIFT OF GOD”.He means to say that healthy people can digest whatever they eat. If a man is poor, he will suffer from the pangs of hunger. According to Hindu Dharmashastra, four rare gifts for man are- HEALTH, WEALTH, OBEDIENT SONS and a VIRTUOUS WIFE. When health is so important, we must try to preserve it. If a man is fit he will be able to do work in a more efficient and proper way. A healthy body regains all the positive powers to fulfil one’s requirement. A healthy person will be able to use the mind in an efficient way so as to complete work in a proper time.

A healthy body not only means gaining fat, having a big tummy, surrounded by all-round development. To be fit we should avoid unhealthy food. To preserve healthy body one should follow :

1-A CAREFREE LIFE: A carefree life is a tonic. It makes us healthy. A life full of worries is a curse. It eats up all the charms of life. In the opinion of W.H.DAVIS, a famous English poet, life is meaningless if it is full of care. He said:



Thus we see care is cancer to health.

2-GOOD THOUGHTS: Good ideas are health-giving. Shakespeare wrote: “EVIL THAT A MAN DOES LIVES AFTER HIM.”Jame Allen said, “KEEP AWAY FROM EVIL IDEAS.DO NOT ENVY OTHERS. NEVER BE HOPELESS DO GOOD AND BE GOOD”.So good thoughts are the secret of health, wealth and power.

3-GAMES, SPORTS AND PHYSICAL EXERCISE: The importance of games, sports and physical exercise cannot be denied. If a man eats, he should be able to digest it. If he cannot digest his food, then he will be ill. His illness will make him unhealthy. As oil is necessary for the smooth working of a machine, similar in the case of games, sports, physical exercise.

If we follow the above mentioned golden rules of health, you will never be unhealthy. Without contentment and frugal life, none can be healthy.

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