11 Duffle Bags To Gift A Fitness Freak

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If you have a gym freak friend like I do, which I believe you do, (because don’t we all have at least one such friend?), then you do not have to wonder what to gift them like ever! There will always be at least one fitness product they will have their eyes on. And you, my friend, will never run out of gift ideas.

This birthday, I decided to gift my friend a duffle bag. So naturally, I sat on the most used e-commerce platform to look for cool ones, and of course, Amazon never disappoints! So here is a list of top 11 duffle bags at Amazon:

1. Infiniti fabric sports –

If you have a rich budget, this is a pretty cool bag. I really loved the colour and style. It is 15L bag so it is large too, for an extra pair of clothes, shoes, even training equipment. It comes with two colour options and a 6-month warranty.

2. Auxter Blacky –

This is Amazon’s bestseller, and it is so for a reason. It is cheaper and very elegant, with just a simple black colour and an embossed logo. Sleek, eh!

3. Bag-age Nylon Softsided Duffle Bag –

Grey and yellow in colour, this is a really cool unisex bag. It falls in the medium expense range and is pretty big for most requirements.

4. Stalwart Polyester Bag –

I do not know whether its the colour combination, or the chains that I adore, but I really like this bag. If your friend likes the army combination, there is one in khaki too.

5. Infiniti Unisex 35L –

It is larger, waterproof, sleek and elegant. I love that it has many compartments. And, it can be worn on the back, keeping your hands free.

6. Gear 22 L –

This one is kind of funky. I mainly just like its overall look and logo.

7. Amazon Basics – 

This one is Amazon’s choice. It has the storage capacity of 98 lbs which is super amazing. It comes in three colours and ranges from 1000 to 1200.

8. Hyper Adam – 

If you want to gift your friend a package deal, and that too in a budget, with a modest bag, protein shaker, gloves, and wrist support, this combo is absolutely great!

9. Pazzo Burst Gym bag – 

A friend of mine has this, and she has specifically suggested this one to me. It is good with quality material for a decent price.

10. The house of Tara –

The colour of this bag is what gives it such a rich look. It is handcrafted and made of premium canvas. It is simply amazing. In fact, even other bags from this brand are pretty savvy.

11. Pranjal’s House –

Talking about amazing, a leather bag is of course simply the best. Although I personally prefer faux leather, these bags are made of real leather and are little costly. There are variations of this available too. Perhaps this will be the best gift for your loved one.

The above-mentioned duffle bags are the best and do buy them for your fitness freak/ gym freak friend.

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