10 Chocolates Boxes to Gift your Family and Friends on Christmas

Christmas is around the corner with jingle bell songs in the air. With the holiday season coming so near, everyone is excited, and everyone is happy. Christmas is about cakes, carols, decorated trees, lights, and gifts for our loved ones. Buying a gift is a complicated job but, if you are successful in buying the ideal gift then, you can bring that precious smile on the face of your beloved.

While choosing what to gift, what other option could possibly be better than chocolates?

In the case of chocolates, you don’t have to worry about the “size” or “colour”. A box of chocolate will be a box of happiness, where while having every single piece, they will think of you and thank you for showering them with little precious blissful moments. Chocolates are always a good option. You can gift it to anyone, anytime and anywhere. So, here are 10 chocolate boxes to gift your family members and friends this Christmas

1) Lindberg Assorted Gift Box

This box contains “Pure Belgium Chocolate Truffles”. When it comes to chocolates, we all know that there is nothing better than Belgium Chocolate. There are different packs available, starting from 120 gm of 12 pieces for 299₹. These chocolates are easily available in a big basket.

2) Skylofts Chocolate Basket

Well, the basket is bigger than a box, and bigger is always better. So, if the person whom you want to gift this is a chocolate lover then, this is the one you are looking for! It is a 25 pieces chocolate basket available on Amazon for 440₹.

3) Box of Delicious Homemade Chocolates

Homemade chocolates are always a better way to express your feelings. They know how to satisfy your taste buds with the warmth of home. This box is available for a very reasonable price of 235₹ on

4) Assorted Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box

The classic Ferrero Rocher chocolate box can be a great choice for your dear one. You can get a box of four pieces to forty-eight and can either buy it online or from any chocolate shop near you.

5) Chocolate Rose Bouquet

This bouquet is the perfect combination of sweet chocolates and beautiful flowers which can brighten anyone’s face. Such bouquets are available on Ferns N Petals for 499₹.

6) Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Goodie

A number of chocolates, candies and dry fruits are brought together in this Goodie. It is available on Amazon for 2499₹.

7) Sumptuous Chocolates Box

This box contains 10 pieces of delicious chocolates in a fancy box. You can buy it online from Archies for just 290₹.

8) Hersheys Chocolates With Nescafe Sachets & Steel Mug

This package is what you can label as “All in One”. It does not only have Hersheys Chocolate bar but cookies as well, which makes it perfect for Christmas. What makes it extra special is the steel mug with lid in the combo, which can be a saviour during cold winter nights. The combo is purchasable for 710₹ on

9) Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Double Decker Box

Single is good but, double is better. A double-decker box of 27 soft-centred chocolates is available on Amazon for 899₹.

10) Skylofts Horse Chocolate Decoration Piece Gift

Last but not least. This beautiful chocolate gift pack gives the perfect Christmas feeling. It contains 10 pieces of chocolates for 299₹ on Amazon.

This is a list of 10 chocolate boxes which you can gift anyone this Christmas, and make their wish come true, because who would not like to have delightful and delicious chocolates during the festive season.

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