Daman: The Enclose Of Nature

Daman is a city unlike other. It has its own charm of life. Daman is located in the state Daman and Diu. The official language of this beautiful place is Gujarati and Hindi. Daman is a place of total peace and harmony. It is surrounded by many god gifted pleasures like by the Arabian Sea, Gujarat and Maharashtra on the western coastal border of India. It is surrounded by regions in the state of Gujarat on the north, south and east and to the west lies the mesmerizingly expansive of Arabian Sea. Daman is as beautiful as a dancing peacock.

As, when the peacock is happy he dances all day long being in happiness. Daman is a place where you can relief yourself, forget all misfortunes, enjoy in the cool atmosphere of Daman. Daman has its own destiny and desire, the beauty of Daman attracts the people by which the tourist are more attracted to it.

When it comes to history and exciting adventures, Daman is the destination that manages to majestically blend and present you the best of all. Daman is one of the two districts of the union territory of Daman and Diu on the western coastal border of India. With its coastal and historical elements, Daman is exactly what you would expect from beach destination.

The tranquillity of the sea, intermingled with its swift sudden breeze and the breathtaking panoramic views of the town make Daman an ideal spot to holiday with your loved ones.  With its easy accessibility from Mumbai and Gujarat, Daman gratifies all the fancies of a beach lover’s perfect vacation paradise. This charming beachside town embeds itself in a quaint and culturally oriented history, replete with churches, finely carved statues and majestic forts rising in imposing splendour.

The lush coconut groves, calm and peaceful shore accompanied by a blissful temperate climate round the year, makes Daman, an exquisite pearl on the western coast of the Indian subcontinent. This magical land beholds all those who visit in its enchanting spell, compelling them to take a trip there again and again to relish its delicate and subtle beauty.

The favourable atmosphere for the tourist to visit is in the month of October to January. Daman has a favourable climate, with the warm to cold year. In the month of March to May when it is humid. But, don’t try to go in the monsoon season as you may feel pretty more drastic and uncomfortable. Daman has a tropical savanna climate. People experience almost no rain falls during the dry season. With milder mornings and lower humidity especially up to the middle of March, this is by far the most comfortable time of the year. The monsoon season, though relatively short, is extremely wet – although not quite wet enough to qualify as a tropical monsoon climate – with flooding occurring annually.

While mesmerising the beauty of Daman people can visit Silvassa, Vandhara Udyan, Tithal beach, Mahalakshmi temple, jamboree beach, jetty garden, Vaibhav water world, Dominican monastery, Nani Daman Fort and many more places to visit.

People can visit them by bus, train or flights. Non-stop flights from IndiGo, GoAir, JetKonnect.  Convenient airports include Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and Surat Airport by which you can reach your destination and have a good taste of Daman beauty. Daman has a good facility for hotels, resorts, beaches. Hotels are on nominal rates. They try to serve people in a better way, they try to provide each and every convenience to their guest. The people of Daman are soft-hearted.

A holiday to Daman will not only soothe your senses but also provide you with unforgettable experiences.

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