Jingle Bells Jingle Bells…Santa on the Way!

Santa Claus is one among the most favourite characters for children and is the one who is dearly missed during the Christmas, Winter Breaks. Santa Claus for all kids is a mystery person who leaves them with tons of gifts, sweets and precious smile a day before the Christmas night and before these little munchkins get up, and they have surprises and gifts in the red socks present on their study tables.

Santa has always been close to the hearts of every kid since ages but do we know who Santa, the mystery man really is and the history behind him? The article talks about the story behind the mystery man, Santa Claus.

In Asia Minor, now referred to as Turkey, there was a place called Myra and there lived a Bishop named St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was a very rich man and the only heir to all the wealth of his family. His parents had died when he was very young leaving him with a lot of money. There are several stories very famous in Europe and Asia about the kind, generous and helpful nature of St Nicholas.


In folk tales, it is said that once there was a poor man and he had three daughters and he was so poor that he wasn’t able to arrange the money for a dowry for his daughters and so their marriages weren’t taking place. When St Nicolas found out about him, he left him a box of gold through the chimney at one full moon night. The box of gold through the chimney fell into one of the socks that were left for drying near the fire. And after finding the box the poor man was so happy and this made him capable to carry out his first daughter’s wedding.

The same instance happened and so his second daughter was also married and when there came the turn of his third daughter, the poor man hid next to the fire so that he could catch the person helping him. When he saw St Nicholas dressed in a red cap with white ball hanging, red shrug lined by white woollen strips and red trousers with a big bag full of gifts and sweets, he was left dumbstruck and had no words to thank him.

Nicholas asked him to keep his secret to himself so that he can help others with their problems and surprise kids with all the needful like sweets and gifts. But soon people came to know about him and they were highly inspired by his great work and respected him so much that his stories and tales exist till date. Later, the Dutchmen in different parts of the world, particularly the USA told the old stories of St Nicholas and called him “Sinterklaas” which is now known as Santa Claus!


So, this was all about the story of our beloved Santa Claus! And children be prepared to receive gifts from the mystery man, this winters. And parents, we know who is our munchkin’s Santa Claus is, so these winters surprise them with all their needful.

                                      Happy Christmas! Happy Winters!

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