7 Resolutions To Be A Good Human To Take This New Year

A New Year resolution is a tradition which is followed in the western hemisphere but nowadays in eastern hemisphere too, in which a person tries to change the trait of living or behaviour to accomplish a good behaviour and to walk ahead in life.

A New Year resolution is a promise that a person makes to himself to improve his behaviour, sense of dealing with others and all. Regardless of what resolution you commit to, the goal is to improve life in the coming time and to walk forward in life by forgetting all the misfortunes that happened last year. People set the target to finish this much amount of work in the coming days. Different people resolve different things like quitting bad habits such as quitting smoking, drinking or eating unhealthy food. Resolutions to change the peoples perspective of living if they follow it with full regards.

Resolutions can be like regarding your life that what you want to achieve in life over this period. Whether you want to make your family members feel proud towards you or you try to achieve in life that your family members want from you. Resolutions may change the way of living of the people if they attain it. Resolutions should be made with full consciousness and activeness, not just simply resolving on the first day and then after letting it go away.

Some of the resolutions are:

1: We should take an oath that we will keep our country neat and clean. We should be active members of SWACHH BHARAT MISSION. We should be ready to clean our city, locality, our surrounding area so that diseases should not spread.

2: We should take a resolution that we will be the active citizen towards our country. We as a teenager should inform others about the morality of life.

3: We should take an oath that we will stop child trafficking, stop illegal work that is going around us that may harm people in one or the other way.

4: We should take firm determination that we will take care of female gender. Absolutely. no murder, sexual abuse or eve teasing should be done in the locality. Females should also have the right to walk in the night without any fear. They should feel comfortable whether it’s night or day.

5: We should take a resolution that no hunting of animals, birds should now take over. We as a responsible should look after our locality.

6: Every human being should take a resolution regarding ourselves, people should wake up early and should do some exercise to keep them fit and active.

7: Last but not least, people should be responsible for their duty and should cultivate better habits so that they may help themselves and should be an example for future generations too.

Take these new year resolutions this new year to be a happy human being and make a safe surrounding.

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