SMVA Consultants: Catering Your Needs Since 21 Years

SMVA Group is a 21 year young company which started its business operation in 1997 with SMVA Traders Pvt Ltd foraying into the import and export. In 2011 it moved to the training domain with online and corporate training Solutions as its core competency in the markets of US, UK and Canada. Subsequently, the group diversified its operation into Permanent and Temporary Recruiting solutions in the year 2013. Statutory Compliance Solutions was launched subsequently that deals with the outsourcing of manpower. SMVA has successfully managed 600 esteemed clients by providing quality services across 15 countries. SMVA is a professional MSME certified human resource organization providing innovative recruitment and training platforms for the corporate world. Recognized as one of India’s leading HR Management Consultants headquartered in Kolkata, delivering services globally. SMVA CONSULTANTS is the only Brand in the Franchise World with – 1. HR, training and outsourcing service Lines in a combined package 2. Highest ROI with the lowest investment.

Two of the most common reasons why people think they can be great HR professionals are either they are very organized and systematic or they have good people skills. But these two qualities alone are not enough for anyone to make it big in their career in human resource management. The two attributes can land those jobs but to move up the ladder, they definitely need some qualities that will set them apart from other employees, that is where a manpower consultancy plays its role. SMVA provides a variety of general and specific advice, allowing you to develop a career as a generalist or a specialist, depending on your interests.

Perhaps the most shining factor of SMVA is the affordability of its franchise fees. In addition to that, full-fledged training support to enrich and strengthen the roots is provided that mainly focuses on business development, delivery scheme, and client account management process and also into the process of recruitment. SMVA’s plug and play model is a huge hit in the market; you should need a stable laptop and a high-speed Internet connection to start your own franchise and can handle it from home. Humans are the only resource in nature which is not limited and can use other resources effectively. It’s a well-known fact that India has a whole lot of manpower. Everyone has their own interests, skills, and creativity. However, another well-known fact is that smart work beats hard work. Most of the times, people are skilled but wrongly placed which not only harms the company but is also a waste of human resource. The journey of recruitment is long and tiresome. The company’s main tasks are neglected and the efforts might or might not be fruitful. As for the employee, sometimes they end up being the victim of fake HR consultancies, which is demotivating as well as a waste of time and efforts. The companies have an unlimited number of applicants. Quantity does not guarantee quality, but then who does? SMVA Consultants, recognized as one of India’s leading HR management consultant’s provide innovative recruitment service, training platforms & outsourcing service for the corporate world. Their services are mainly helpful to Entrepreneurs, HR Managers, Network specialists, start-up enthusiasts, and job seekers.

SMVA would like to introduce its Pillars –

  • Gaurav Agarwal – the Founder of SMVA CONSULTANTS and Director of SMVA Traders, SMVA is a top manpower consultancy in India, HO at Kolkata has helped both employees and employers capitalize the most important asset “MANPOWER”. During his 6 year tenure, Gaurav has nurtured SMVA brick by brick and under his Leadership, the company has reached a stage where SMVA is the only Consultancy in the country proposing an automated Franchise module which gives its investors the authority to use the brand’s name for both recruitment and training.

“The inspiration and the need to start each division came through the vacuum of dedicated players in the respective domain we forayed into.e.g.After I completed my Professional degree – Chartered Accountancy and was doing an audit in Unilever South Africa(ULSA, Durban), I realized that Right team is the core of every business unit, Hence for a continuous Growth it’s important to rightly Recruit, Train and Retain manpower, therefore we jumped into HR and training domain”

Says, Mr Gaurav Agarwal

Hence, SMVA was born. Gaurav is a CA from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a with Honors from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

  • As SMVA CONSULTANTS’ Operations Head, Priyanka is a key member of the consultancy, responsible for driving growth and efficiency across all capabilities and clients. Priyanka Joined the Group from a Packaging Manufacturing company. As the Head of their E-commerce Department, she played a leadership role in running the entire division end to end from advertisement to finance.

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

  • Challenges – Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. Hence, Manpower planning is an influential part of business growth… From analyzing the manpower inventory to making future-ready forecasts, planning employment programs, and designing training schedule, every activity is a valid part of human resource planning and Manpower Consultancy in India. Being up to date with the technology, fast-changing market trends, economic policies and Foreign exchange fluctuations pose major challenges in the EXIM trade. However, in the Service domain, Growing expectations of the companies and/or candidates, also meeting them is a task
  • Opportunities – In this Digital well connected World, it’s super easy to tap clients compared to the last decade. When it comes to our Services domain, we can observe the need for right manpower everywhere. With the entrepreneurial mindset, our country is experiencing a paradigm shift wherein there is a wave of upcoming startups. So that makes our (Recruit, Train, Retain) model a HIT.
  • Strategies – As per the comfort zone of the delivery team, existing database, we move towards hunting industry wise clients by following ancient method (data mining, lead generation, cold calling, convincing/meeting) and contemporary digital marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn). SMVA charges clients instead of candidates for placements. An efficiency meter is adhered to and the team members participate in review meetings.T he company is united by the vision to grow as a group.
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