New Year Gifts For Your Better Half

New Year is all about spreading Love and happiness all in the family and to someone special. Lovebirds spend some quality time together, expressing their feelings and strengthening their forever bonds. For a girl, the love journey starts from friendship and finally enters the world of relationship. But it isn’t the same with the boys, as from the first step is a relationship and then they enter the world of friendship.

So, if you are confused about what to give your girlfriend, so here we are with all the New year fresh Ideas.

  • Painted Pots

One can beautifully paint pots and write meaningful good promising quotes on them. In fact, you can deliver your messages through pots if both of you had a tit-bit or you can say your heart out this way if you haven’t. Trust us with this, as whenever your partner will see the pot, it will remind her of this lovely time.

Material Required: Pot, paints, chocolates (if you wish to)

Procedure: (i) Buy a pot of the required shape and size.

(ii) Colour the pot with paints and write suitable messages, chocolates, gifts like a watch or something or letters on the pot for your beloved.

  • Stomach Pangs

People believe that the way to your man’s heart goes through his stomach, but to brush your facts the same is true for women and so you can come up with some delicious dishes at home and surprise your partner or can plan a beautiful candlelight dinner at home and spend some quality time together. This will bring you closer and make you free from all the hassles of your daily life and so, plan up until the dinner and relax this new year with your person.

You can try various dishes such as bread pizza’s, homemade pastries or cookies.

  • Glowing Love

People believe that love glows with time and asks for the patience of the two people and so you can think of various DIYs which could depict glow in your love.

Material Required: Bulb, cardboard, buttons, wires battery and paper

Use connecting wires to make the connections between the cardboard and the bulb and you can write some love deep meaning messages for your better half. And then add a switch to make things more presentable and lovely.

  • Socks Pillows

One can make heart-shaped pillows out of their old teary or a new pair of socks and stitch or write some interesting thoughts or messages on it. Suppose you are pregnant and you haven’t told your loved one about it, so just grab a sock and stitch the message “daddy soon” on it for your better half. You can even make interesting and new shapes like square or rectangle out of it but the best one would be heart shaped as heart depicts love.

Material Required: Scissors, socks, pins, heart cut out, thread and stuffing.

Procedure: (i) Grab an old or a new pair or a single sock and then make two heart shapes cut out of it. and then stitch the open part from the back side.

(ii) Stuff the heart using fillers such as cotton and then stitch the opening with a blind stitch.

(iii) Make as many as you can and write good thoughts, quotes or messages on the front and back side for your love.

  • Chalkboard Heart Frame 

It is really a good idea to give chalkboard heart frame to the one who stole your heart and now resides in it. It is believed that when you fall in love with someone then you carry the heart of that person. So, take good care of the heart of your other half!

Material Required: Wooden frames, chalkboard spray paint, Board cutter, sandpaper, and white chalk.

Gifts especially the surprise gifts store tonnes of memories and brings out a priceless smile on the face of your beloved. So, all the boys, gear up your socks and come up with some good ideas, maybe the mentioned one and enjoy quality time with your love!

                                        “Strengthen you love this New Year”

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