5 Things To Stop Doing This New Year

Sometimes, it isn’t about what you need to do more, but about finding out what you need to quit. Here are 5 things that we think are crucial for most of us to stop doing in the coming year in order to freshen up our annual schedules and give more importance to our mental health and soul space. Read on to find out what are the aspects that need flushing out from yours.

  • To STOP overanalyzing situations

The human brain is a funny piece of mush. We are most likely to put ourselves into deathly situations that we’ve whipped up in our minds rather than actually facing one. Overthinking is extremely harmful, especially in terms of relationships. Anything that bothers you must be discussed in order to alleviate the pain or confusion you go through, whatever the consequences. Remember this: Communication is essential, overthinking is a pain.

  • To NOT stick around toxic routines

This one is vital if you want to start anew. It is called a toxic routine as it’s so embedded in your life that it seems to be a part of it. They are the ones that are the hardest to pinpoint and the most difficult aspect to get rid of, but also, leaves you with the best results. Toxic routines are energy consuming and we often spend more time than required on things that are unproductive to our mental health. Scrub them off as soon as possible, they deserve no place in your schedule.

  • To STOP looking for validation

Social media has skewed the idea of one living the perfect life. Not many realize it but a lot of our online lives are overly-edited, extremely angled and re-shot a lot of times. It is okay to portray a slightly larger than life image of yourself if you’d like to, but it is never necessary. Validation is addictive and dangerous. If your idea of a good day is to end up with more photographs than memories, then, my friend, you’re going wrong somewhere and its time you made it right.

  • To STOP following the crowd

Ever heard of stories where they tell you about how they decided to step out of the rat race because they remembered that this was never the race, they wanted to be apart of? If that gets you thinking, it means that there is a chance that you could be doing more than you do now. The crowds are comfort zones because you never have to pave your own way. No one wins, there are only stampedes. To stand on top, you need to be on a line that no one else follows. Tread your own path.

  • To worry LESS about the future

Easier said than done, this deed is the hardest to follow. One cannot just worry less about the future when the very purpose of most of our lives is spent on building a future. But here’s the thing, you only live once. The minutes and years you spend irreversible and if you aren’t making them worthwhile, or rather, using it up just to worry and cry, then you are wasting it. Not every moment needs to go down as being iconic, but neither should it be forgotten in worry.

A new year is nothing but a new point to view your life and past from. New perspectives are important to be able to move on and form new habits to help you progress. However, if you feel like your current routine is significant to you develop, then nothing should stop you from going all the way up. On that note, A very Happy New Year and to many more new beginnings!

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