8 Gifts To Gift Your Girlfriend This New Year

Everything is special about a New Year’s Eve. And to get to spend it with someone you really love makes it all the more special. But other than the obvious late night party and fun, sometimes even the smallest gestures can make big differences, especially those given to your loved ones. A girl will always remember a small yet thoughtful gift by you more than the best party any day.

Here are some simple yet creative ideas for personalized gifts for your girl.


Write down everything you love about her, or everything you never told her but you want to, or even just everything you have already said but want her to remember always. Write your little notes in good colourful pieces of papers and put them in a jar for her to open one note every day for 365 days. This is a very cost effective gift but at the same time is priceless. a handmade gift is truly beautiful because it shows you care.


No girl loves chocolate more than anything. And in case you decide to not party all night and snuggle under your blankets watching some awesome web series, a personalized food box with packets of stuff she absolutely loves is the best way to go. This shows how much you pay attention to her likes and dislikes, and Nutella can make anyone light up, I am sure you agree.

3. A PET

Now tread carefully here. Only get a pet if you are absolutely sure she truly wants one. Have you ever heard her tell you just how much she loves hamsters but can’t go around to getting one? Well, here’s your golden chance. A pet is a living breathing reminder of your relationship, and you have to raise it together. It is also a great way to add a new family member on a new year and to always remind her that you will be there to support her. Plus a pet is a gift that will last the entire year and beyond.


Make an Explosion box (It is pretty easy to make one. You should be able to find dozens of tutorials on Youtube) and fill it with memories of the year you spent together. Pictures of you, your Diary entries if you keep one, write what you feel about her and things you said to her. Note down the important dates. There is nothing a girl loves more than a memoir to remember her amazing year with you.


Make cute coupons for your beloved where you let her “cash them in” whenever she likes. A massage, a date, favour, go with her for shopping, anything. She can use it to make you comply with her wishes. You can even set aside a super exclusive date each month to her favourite places and make cards based on that.


If you are one to give an expensive gift and along with one of the above, you really wanna give something that screams FOREVER pretty loudly, here is a brilliant way to do so. You can literally buy a star for her. There are zillions of stars in the sky, and one of them can be hers. Visit Star Registration and buy yourself a star to gift her! Alternately, you can also book one here – Oye Happy


This is a completely non-materialistic gift. It is totally free but of immense importance. This is the gift of SUPPORT. Promise to help your girl with her new year’s resolution. Promise to be there when she stumbles and fails. Promise to make sure that she stays true to her resolution. And then, keep your promise. Help her with her goals and be there to listen. Every person ever wants and needs this. This is the best and most sincere gift one can receive.


A counterpart of this gift can be to include her in YOUR  resolution. Do you not have enough time for her? Give her. Be with her. Stand up for her. Is there a new skill set she is trying to learn and you are good at it but you don’t come around to teaching her? Teach it. Give her your undivided attention when you are with her. Is there something she doesn’t like you do and her dislike is genuine? Then resolve to stop doing it for her. Nothing speaks love louder than giving up a habit for someone.

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