Top 10 Places To Be For New Years Eve

You live only once, but life consists of the consecutive sequence of years. Each year is different in its own way. And at the end of each year, we get a chance to contemplate, evaluate and improve. There is a lot to look at and a lot to learn. And after all such interpretations, we must dwell on a very important thought. How to end this year?  Should it be at an epic rave party? Ending an epic year with all the energy and enthusiasm, to rock it for the final time for that year?

Or perhaps on a serene campsite in the mountains?  Spending the last few moments of the year, by a small fire in the cold mountains, surrounded by the fog, your thoughts and the quiescent atmosphere?

Here are some places you could spend your new years eve.

    1. GOA: The exotic beach hotels, an endless supply of beer, live music and parties all night long. Nothing justifies rave as Goa.
    2. BANGALORE: Another party capital, with multiple party spots of a different theme. The perfect spot to end the year with all its bash.
    3. KASOL: Welcome 2019 from a beautiful cottage in an unexplored valley near Kasol in the Himalayas.
    4. MUMBAI: Mumbai has it all, DJ, Rajasthani, Morracan, Neon light Bollywood party. You name it, Mumbai has it.
    5. NEW DELHI: Different nightclubs hosting parties of different styles, classy and elegant and also noisy and energetic. Pick any one and enjoy. Either with a glass of champagne or wildly singing at the top of your lungs.                   
    6. GANGTOK: If you want to wake up to a peaceful 2019, this is your spot. The surreal beauty of the Himalayas will make your new year just as beautiful and serene.
    7. MANALI: Want to enter the new year with all your zeal and exhilaration, then Manali is the place to be. They offer a wide array of activities like skiing and snowboarding etc and the view of the pine trees with a light layer of fresh snow will refresh your spirit any day.
    8. KODAIKANAL: Known famously as the “Princess of Hill Stations”, definitely justifies the name. A quaint little cottage in these woods is what you need to disconnect yourself from the world a bit and enjoy a very tranquil beginning to 2019.
    9. JAISALMER: Sleeping under the stars on the golden sands of Rajasthan is as heavenly as it sounds. The Golden City offers long camel safari through the desert and a nighttime show of true Rajasthani culture and cuisine.
    10. ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS: Can’t decide between rave and mellow new years? Welcome to Andaman and Nicobar Islands where they have crazy yacht parties to calm cruises. Enjoy either or both, they have it all. Adventure sports and swimming with the fishes etc.

These are the best places to be at during new year’s eve as everyone is going to party hard.


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