8 Series To Binge Watch These Holidays

So the Christmas Holidays are here. And, other than Christmas trees and gifts, we truly also enjoy wrapping our selves in our blankets, have a hot cup of cocoa and binge watch some pretty addictive series. If you ask me, I probably love it more than the New Year frolic. Who doesn’t wanna snuggle in winters in the thickest blanket ever?

Here are some really cool Series to watch online especially on Christmas Holidays, based on your type and mood.


A Netflix original web series, Sabrina is about a half-witch half-human female that struggles to find her true nature whilst helping and saving her human world, her family and herself. About time we talked about a witch series, eh? Although it has only one season currently, it is pretty well received, and the second half of the season will be released in April, 2019.

For more witchy adventures, the shows ‘Salem’, and ‘Witches Of East End’ are pretty good too.


This series, much like ‘The Good Place’ is light-hearted, yet will keep you hitched. It is about a person who is forced to help others and befriend them as suggested by someone who names himself ‘GOD’, and constantly sends him friend requests on social media until our protagonist is forced to accept. Interesting realizations and plots follow. It is available on Amazon Prime.

A similar show about helping others and friendship is ‘A Million Little Things’. I haven’t personally seen this one, but you can give it a shot.


This Netflix Original can be quite a handful, and you should go for it if you like Horror. The show is about a small child that goes missing in a town where nothing ever happens. It a show that features supernatural creatures and unexplained phenomenon. Don’t be fooled by the age of most of its cast, it is not a show that should be watched without an adult, or at least someone around you altogether. It is one of the most trending and successful shows of Netflix.

Another really good Netflix original in the Horror genre is ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. 


If there is something these holidays are surely about, it’s the spirit and realization of good vs evil. But it is also about chilling out. The Good Place is a very light comedy show about a woman who dies and goes to heaven, only to realize that she doesn’t belong there, and has done some pretty nasty stuff when alive to not deserve the place. What follows is a whole lot of mess. It’s a light family show if you want to have a relaxing time with your loved ones. The show is available on Netflix.


For those who love the superhuman comic characters made by DC and Marvel, Constantine is one of the shows worth watching. A DC character with an inclination for the supernatural, Constantine hunts evil. He has an angel looking after him, but he has his own secret intentions. There is also a movie based on the character. And it is a pretty good movie. It is available on Amazon Prime.

Similar shows with powerful superhumans are ‘Supergirl’, ‘Arrow’, ‘Smallville’, etc.

You see where I am getting with this list? Good! Because the best is yet to come. 


This series is for the animation lovers. But make no mistake, it is definitely not for the kids. It is actually a short series of only about 37 episodes based on manga series of the same name. The series also has its own Netflix Original film, again, of the same name, but if you ask me; it doesn’t do justice to the series at all. But throw in the movie after you watch the series for a refreshment because believe me you will need it. It is a show about a high school boy who finds a book with the powers to kill people and thus follows a series of unexplained murders as he learns to play God.

If you have already watched Death Note and liked it, you can go for ‘AngelBeats’


Yes, its a show about the devil. Yes, it is okay to watch it on Christmas. It is actually a pretty good show. I love the character and psyche they have given to ‘Lucifer’. The show revolves around the King of Hell taking a vacation from ruling Hell and enjoying his life on earth, only to punish evil by helping in their arrest rather than by torturing them for eternity. But do not think this is the regular type of ‘Consultant helps Police’ show. In fact, everything about this show is far from normal. It is available on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Fun Fact, he is a DC comics character.

If by any chance you have already seen Lucifer, a show somewhat similar to this will be IZombie’, also a DC comic series.

While we are at the topic of God, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons, and everything Divine and Evil, Let’s not forget the BEST and the LONGEST running show on this genre. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to, *drumroll*


I obviously kept the best for last. Just like the name suggests, the show has everything, and I mean it, EVERYTHING supernatural. It has risen demons and fallen angels and God and Death and witches and fairies, ghosts and hell/heaven and the Apocalypse, multiple times, spiced with a lot of family drama too. It even has parallel universes. The only thing it doesn’t have is a fire-breathing dragon. Oh, you can watch GOT for that. *winks*. This show has a pretty dedicated fan following and for its 14th season, is still pretty creative actually. It is available on Amazon Prime. There is no comparison of this show to any other if you ask me. But why don’t you see it for yourself?


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