New Year, New Beginnings: Start The Year Right With Positivity

We all await the New Year for it signifies a new beginning, a change.  Our hopes for happiness and prosperity come alive and we look around intently, to search for new ways to a fresh start, and forget the bygones. Be it big or small, one spark of positivity is enough to light up your life and that of others.

Given below are some positive, fulfilling things you could learn to do this year. Read on!

  • Out with the Clutter!

One sure shot way of inducing a fresh atmosphere around you is to get away with the mess. Pick a weekend or the year-end, preferably, bring out the broom and pull up your socks.  Trash anything that hasn’t been in use for a long time, or catching dust. This promises the perks of not just the discovery of lost space in the wardrobe but also creates a sense of liberty and a fresh, open mind ready for future endeavours.

  • To give yourself time, once a week

In a world where everything happens by the clock with no room for a break, it is easy to lose track of how much time you’re giving yourself to unwind and relax. Me-time is important, especially in today’s time, to get a sense of your thoughts, feelings and coming to terms with yourself. It isn’t a lot of work. Choose a day of a week that suits you best and do anything that makes you feel pampered and cosy.

  • To Forgive

This one’s the hardest, but is also the one with the quickest positive results. You can say its really hard to forget but here’s the thing. Just think of the mental energy spent by you begin thinking, over-thinking and remain disgruntled about all the unhappy events happening to you. The mantra is simple. To forgive from the heart, but also learn from the mistakes. Clutching on to heavy feelings will only burden you and hinder your walk to positivity.

  • Find your nirvana

Different people have it in their own unique ways. For some, it is to prop their legs up the couch with a glass of wine and romantic fiction, while for others it is to spend the weekend whipping up a fancy feast. Some dream of their planned annual trips, while others hunt for events to attend with their social circle. Finding your nirvana is the second step after giving yourself time. Dig deep into your inner peace and find what enthrals you the most. The path is the most exciting and satisfactory; it’s all there, you just need to feel its call.

  • Learn an exotic hobby

The world is a fantastic place to live in. Thousands of cultures and millions of things to learn from each. One interesting thing to actively attempt in the new year is to develop an exotic hobby. We’re not talking about reading or baking, this one includes activities like the beer-cap collection, pottery, film photography, learning to decode signs and glyphs, memory bookmaking or learning a new language, anything that stimulates you and you look forward to doing all week.

New year resolutions are all fun and games, until you’re in the second week of the year and screaming for help. The small things mentioned are focused to mainly unwind, awaken your inner peace and realize the importance of positivity and its relation with your mind and soul.

P.S: We wish you all the love and positivity for the New year!

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