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Sabarimala: The Disputed Temple

Sabarimala temple located in the Periyar tiger reserve Kerala is in headlines these days. The reason behind this is the banned entries of women in the temple premises. As after the verdict of Supreme Court allowed women to enter in the temple to worship god Ayyappan. But, as the priest of the temple and few political groups are opposing the court’s verdict due to some reasons women are not able to enter the temple premises.

Besides this issue, the temple is the largest annual pilgrimage and is famous for Maravilla festival which is celebrated on the day of Makar Sankranti. It is the holy place of God Ayyappa also known as Dharma Sasha and is said to be the son of Lord Shiva.

People visit the temple to seek the blessings of their god and they pray to shower the blessings upon them. The only surprising thing about this temple is that only men are allowed to enter the temple. But after the verdict of the Supreme Court, women can also be a part of the prayers in the temple.

However, if we see the verdict of Supreme Court democratically it is a very fine decision but if we see from the viewpoint of the priest they are opposing it because Sabarimala is also famous for black magic practices as the god get easily fascinated by that kind of worship. And there is a very harsh effect of black magic on women especially those women’s who are pregnant, more emotional. So, to avoid such issues the temple organization is not allowing the women’s to enter the temple. And there are many temples where men are not allowed to visit temple like – Attukal temple located in Kerala.


The tradition of our Indian society is so dense that on one hand, we worship female gender and on another hand, we put barriers on women’s to enter into some temples. People, according to their needs keep on changing the rules and rituals, so that they get the benefit. God is of such a kind gesture that he does not do any discrimination, we the humans are responsible for all the happenings that are going all around us.

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