Expectation Vs. Reality Of Every New Year’s Eve

Whoever thought that planning New Year’s Eve was an easy job would’ve probably realised that any amount of strict, foolproof plans will still topple over until the last minute. But when the clock strikes 12 that is when you know that all the tangles were worth this moment with your loved ones.

 Read on to find out the hilarious mishaps that occur on NYE, more often than not.

  • Expectation: Having the perfect outfit planned, hair swishing, to walk into the party a showstopper so everyone can have nothing but heart-eyes for your look.
  • Reality: Waking up with a fresh pimple right in the face. The outfit you bought after burning your pockets has decided to look 10x ugly and ill-fitted. Bonus bad luck: Your boss calls you up for urgent work.

  • Expectation: Ringing the year with an amazing circle of friends, at the best party in town, drinking and dancing until dawn, in your best spirits.
  • Reality: Home alone, cuddled up in your coziest blanket with your brand-new winter socks on. On your side lies a perfectly made box of instant noodles and in front of you, your favourite Netflix show ready to binge-watch.

  • Expectation: Sticking up a new fitness chart on the wall and diet plan on the refrigerator, stocked with energy bars, all set for a fitter, healthier year.
  • Reality: Eating up last night’s pizza leftovers, dealing with a hangover while also stuffing face with cake, mentally consoling yourself that you’ll start tomorrow.

  • Expectation: New Year resolution to save up enough for a dream trip to the Bahamas and contribute to charity every month.
  • Reality: Broke to the last penny due to splurging on NYE plans, gifts, sales and a truckload of athletic wear for the short-lived new year resolution.

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  • Expectation: Deleting toxic contacts, messages and anything that makes you sad because New Year is all about fresh beginnings!
  • Reality: Fingers typing an “I miss you” to an ex, an old friend, your landlord, your bully and to everyone else you hate, a few too many free drinks later.

  • Expectation: Standing nonchalantly with a drink in hand, close to the bar waiting to be asked out by the hottest person in the party for the perfect night-out, just like in the movies.
  • Reality: Ready with 5 kinds of self-defense strategies to ward off creepsters OR awkwardly tagging behind your popular best friend for the rest of the evening.

  • Expectation: Having the best New Year’s Kiss and taking home the perfect companion
  • Reality: Finding true love in the drink you hold in your hand and the plate of fries next to you, while your squad couples have a smooch fest.
  • Expectation: Having lots and lots of fun and living through the night with blurry memories, ready for an entire day of storytelling.
  • Reality: Having lots and lots of fun doing exactly what you want to with happy/sad/drunk memories, ready for an entire day of storytelling.

In simpler words, nothing ever goes wrong on NYE and even if you think it does, it’s probably for the best! Have a great 2019, folks.

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