Leave Behind These Things This New Year

People always have the tendency to linger on to things, carry them for longer periods of time. Only a few people have the tendency to forgive and forget and move on. Emotions play a huge role in our decision making capabilities and also in our overall personality and behavior. Leaving behind anything has always been the most difficult task for us, but once done, it can truly have an impact on our lives,definitely in a positive way.


It means sense of dislike. Now what do people generally do when they dislike someone ? The question does not bring any kind of positive thoughts, does it. When we dislike someone, that person is all over our mind, and sometimes even so much that we forget to care for our loved ones. Arguments, insults, fights, all are examples of the consequences of hating someone. Human brain has a tendency to express what is inside. Stop hating people in this new year. Start a fresh and positive life which has no hard feelings for anyone around, and see the difference.

2. EGO

Often described or covered up by those who possess it as self-respect, self-esteem or even self-importance,  ego is basically a so-called manly instinct which is all about self. When one starts comparing himself to others in a way that he comes out on top in each comparison, that is when he should realize that he is infected by the epidemic. Too much superior sense of oneself is never good. Neither for social life nor for personal life. Leave this sense of yourself  behind for a new start and start thinking about people around you, who have always been there for you.


Leave behind all the complains you had with the world, with your family, friends or even yourself. Complains with the world makes it a difficult place for you to live into, which you have to anyhow. Complains with our family leads to unnecessary ill feelings for our family members. Having complains with friends usually ends up with you hating them and your friendship tears apart. Last but not the least, you may demean yourself, curse yourself or even hate yourself if you have complains with you, which is not at all good. Always try and sort out all the complains that you ever have within yourself. Leave behind all of them you had in the 2018 and be welcoming to all in 2019.


Make a promise to yourself, that you will work for at least 3 hours a day. Get up early, this will make you have more time for yourself throughout the day. Do something productive. Especially for the teenagers, apart from the books and academics, invest your time in something that might help you through your careers. Pursue your hobby, ask yourself, what is the next level and just do it. Being available on social media all night is not cool anymore. So sleep on time as well. Complete all your tasks before time, and sit and relax while others struggle to even start it. Change your lifestyle into an active one. Laziness might be the present cool and but, it is going to fetch you nothing in life. Compete with yourself. Leave behind laziness in this new year and be an active person.


You read it right ! Sugar is one of the things in this world that appears to be sweet and good and all but hey, there is a catch, in fact many of them. Sugar tends to play with the hormones in our body and increases the desire of food or hunger, leading to overeating and ultimately obesity. For all the young guys who are reading this article, sugar also degrades you skin quality and by that, i also mean that it increases the chances of acne. Known to increase the risk of diabetes, sugar heads also tend to depress us. So all in all, leaving sugar can give you a glowing, flawless skin, can keep you in good shape and save you from multiple diseases. Choice is yours !

Now, according to the human psychology, giving up upon anything is the most difficult task one can do, but turn the pages of history and you will see yourself, that those who achieved great, gave up on something even bigger. To a new start, to a new year, may you have a happy and prosperous new year.

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