Saurabh Patwari: A Multi-Talented Man

Saurabh Patwari a multi-talented young man from Udaipur is living a dream life. A man, who is following his passion and earning a handsome living out of that. A certified Charted Accountant by education, handling his family business quite well and a professional photographer by profession.


Interestingly, his journey of becoming a full-time photographer was persuaded by capturing a beautiful and special moment for his family. He went in search for a photographer for his brother’s pre-wedding shoot. His brother and he met and saw the work of lots of photographers, however; he was looking for something more. Then, he bought a camera and other needed equipment. Also, rented a few pieces of equipment an edited the video by learning via YouTube in the year 2013. After watching the pre-wedding shoot, one cousin turned up and then his brother’s friend and he never looked back and continued following his passion.

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He is an adamant learner. When it is not a busy month for him in terms of photography, he learns editing software, does concept shooting. He is keenly looking forward to creative photography and doing so, satisfies him to a great extent.

He has a busy schedule and still manages to take care of the family business and photography. Also, working with a firm as a Charted Accountant. For him, delegation solved the problem. When there is a shoot. His teammates cover the shoot and he takes care of post-processing. Yet, manages to visit office almost daily to keep a check on everything.

As he started his photography journey with a pre-wedding shoot and video, he is an expert at it. And he does aerial photography by drone, aerial 360-degree images, levitation photography and also portfolio creation.


And we all are aware how every profession has difficulty in it. Something that he faces as a pre-wedding photographer is to ask a couple to act in a cinematic to make the shoot look more candid. Survival in such a competitive world and to be unique and fresh at the same time is tough. He seeks inspiration from world-class photographers across the globe. And while creating something he and his team keep on improvising according to the given resources and budgets.

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However, he is well known was for his work and has been continuously featured in magazines, newspaper and online portals like Dainik Bhaskar Group, Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Navjyoti and many more. He is not just making auspicious occasions for others special by shooting them. The man is equally contributing to society. He recently shot a unique campaign in Udaipur city for the awareness of potholes on the road.

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Saurabh Patwari’s passion and will to work hard is admirable and down the line in the next few years. He is planning on creating offbeat, trendy videos. And is wanting to do more cause-based, not for profit photography projects.

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