The Dilemma Of Following You Passion This New Year

New Year brings all of the happiness in the lives of people adding on new sets of memories and joy. We all experience different packs of emotions throughout the year. Be that of happiness, grief, sorrows, excitement, anxiety, stress, jovialness and depression. We all have our own stories or paths and careers, which could be different from others. All of us are heroes of our own stories and maybe the blockage or the disturbing element of the story. We can be the one who catches up all our dreams and set the stage on fire and with our eyes open see our parents proud of ourselves and enemies shaking their head in rage.

There’s a fire in all of us, which when lightened sets our track and the dream right. That fire is needed in the youth of the country to make up the long history and stop the cycles of the struggle. For all the passionate and ardent youngsters it is very much needed for you to set your paths right to reach your city of success, happiness, and joy! These paths are guided by resolutions.

Resolutions are the oath the people take to follow certain ideas, rules or the guidelines for the life or throughout the year which opens up their first key to the finite locks in their path to their city of dreams. We all have our kingdoms of dreams which we want to rule someday with our kings or queens. For that path, all you need is sheer hard work and dedication with immense doses of sincerity. Do not stop or dig pit holes in your path in laziness and depression. Work hard darling, with steps called resolutions and make effort to follow them to reach success!

Look at your parents, how hard they work, what all they do for you, your future. Learn from them. Wake up and start laying down bricks which will become stories in the near future. World’s waiting for your story!

“Follow your Resolutions and Take a step forward to your city of Dreams!”

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