Fashion Trends To Avoid This New Year

Fashion is something which we all love to go with throughout the year. It is believed to make us classy, standardized and top-shot in our society. Fashion is the connection between worlds of celebs and the common man.

As what a man sees, follows it and the same becomes trendy. For example, the lehenga’s these days are in fashion and people are up with trying lehengas of new colours. Like for example, Anushka Sharma wore lehenga of pink colour other than red. Now brides want their lehenga’s a designer piece and probably of a pink shade other than red.

Trends is something which keeps on changing with time and one thing which we want to bring into notice to the trenders that certain things are out of fashion now and must not be worn post this New Year.

Some fashion trends to avoid this year:

  • Tiny Glasses

This used be trendy stuff for past few years and now with the changing time, the style has become a bit outdated and so has to be avoided this New Year.

  • Dad’s Sneakers

Celebs had brought a pair of sneaker, Dad’s sneakers into the showroom and it caught up the heat and came in a fashion very soon and for a long period of time but now, the same has been termed out-of-fashion.

  • Bucket Hats

It was a fashion in the early 90es and quickly gained attention in the past few years. Actors of the Indian Cinema were seen wearing bucket hats and it was enough to a trend.  But now, it is gradually losing the attention and becoming out of trend and so should not be carried out in this New Year.

  • Wrap around skirts

Skirts and curled hairs were in fashion in 2018 and most of the stars, TV celebs wore the outfits in Diwali and Holi seasons but now, guys try out on other kinds of stuff than the wrap around skirts this New Year.

  • Poncho

It is now out of fashion so guys avoid wearing Poncho which was once in Fashion but has now become out dates.

  • Cold Shoulders

Cold shoulders gained a lot of heat in the previous years and people had to have one in every occasion but now with passing time it has become out of fashion and should not be carried with you this New Year.

  • Casual Sports Outfits

Casual sportswear was one thing tried by all in every season as a regular outfit. But, now it should not be taken into the next year as it is now termed out of fashion.

  • High Thigh Boots High thigh boots should also be avoided this new year. Guys, it is out of trend but once caught all the attention in both the Hollywood and Bollywood Industry. Hope the article helps you to stay trendy and in Fashion and consider the outfits and accessories so that you don’t carry them along with you in the New Year.
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