7 New Web Series That Are Coming In 2019

So 2019 is already upon us and the new year brings new plans. And of course the new web series to watch with friends! The trend of watching exclusive web series rather than time restrictions of T.V shows is spreading more and more, thanks to platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Viu and many others.

So without any ado, here are 7 new series that are launching in 2019 :


When we talk about top series to watch, I think the ABC murders, at least at this unseen stage, tops this list. Its intriguing storyline and cast is not its only strength. This crime drama should be binge watch worthy, and it should be since it is based on Agatha Cristie’s book, the queen of suspense. Hercule Poirot (John Malkovich) receives letters threatening murder and signed only as “A.B.C” and he must find out who is behind the murder that follows. Catch the show coming on February 1st exclusively on Prime Video.


White Dragon is the story of a professor whose wife dies in a car crash in Hong Kong, and so he must go to China to retrieve her, only to realize that she wasn’t quite the person he thought she was. This is another series that I feel will make one hold their breath to see what comes next. It is a Drama Thriller starring John Simm and releases on February 8th on Amazon Prime Video.


Hanna is for Action lovers. It is a thriller and a drama and the story of an outstanding youth who escapes the pursuit of a CIA agent and tries to find out who she really is. The release date for Hanna is not yet disclosed, but this Esme Creed-Miles starter series is worth keeping an eye out for. Its teaser is out now and it seems looks like it is yet another great work of Amazon Prime Video.


For a light-hearted session, this new web series is a perfect watch. The stories about angels and demons seem to be gaining popularity, and a lot of shows are being made of similar themes. But each with their own take and twists. This series is a particularly Comedy one, where who unlikely allies form a team to find a child who is supposed to bring Armageddon, but doesn’t know about it, yet. Catch the show on Prime Video.


An animated version of Carmen Sandiego – the famous International burglar, will be released on Netflix on January 18th. It is voiced by Gina Rodriguez and will also have a feature film under the name, also starring Gina as Carmen. The series focuses on Carmen on a mission to steal from the very Institute that made her. Watch the series. It has its twists, turns and fun.


A school going kid knows a lot about sex and sexual tensions even though he is a virgin. How did you ask? Well, his mother is a sex therapist, and so does he become, by starting an underground sex therapy clinic in his very own school. Set to become a favourite teen show for 2019, Netflix is releasing it on January 11th. Got catch Otis and his quirky solutions.


This show focuses on a family that does not do get along but must work together to save the world and uncover the mystery of their father’s death. Releasing on February 15th on Netflix, the series is about 7 kids born with unique abilities, reasons the for which shall unfold during the due time, hopefully. The world ends in 8 days, and they have no idea how to save it, yet.

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