Top 5 Interesting Unknown Facts About Marine Drive, Mumbai

Mumbai’s Queens Necklace, which is Marine Drive is a treat to sore eyes and proves to be one of your favorite places in the entire Mumbai. We can assure you that! Apart from that some of the Mumbai’s hotels are located at Marine Drive and offer rooms with a view of the Marine Drive. And should definitely be your pick if you opt a stay in the area.

1. A by-product of a failure?

Not many would know that Marine Drive resulted out of a failed reclamation project. Mumbai’s Back-bay reclamation was first proposed in the 1860s. Then revisited in the 1920s to connect Nariman Point and Malabar Hill. However, the project was shelved first due to the American Civil War and later due to a faulty plan. Resulting in just 440 acres of reclaimed land instead of the planned 1500 acres. Out of this, 235 acres were sold to military and 17 acres became the iconic Marine Drive.

2. Strong and still going

The seafront promenade is that after its initial construction, the stretch was so strong and sturdy. It didn’t require any repairs for the next 72 years. It was only in 2012 that it was given a new touch entirely.

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3. No takers for Marine!

Marine Drive’s glamorous and impressive apartments were not the first choice for residents owing to the high rentals and costs. It was close to the partition of India when the buildings also started began to fill up with the newly arrived some of the richer Indians. They preferred to find homes closer to the business hub and Church-gate Street. Now, which has become one of the famous epicenters of Mumbai’s nightlife with the bars, restaurants, jazz clubs popping up.

4. Tetra-pods

None of us has missed an opportunity of taking a picture on those huge ‘four-legged’ concrete structures binding themselves to one another at the seashore here. But do you know, these structures aren’t mere showpieces, they actually serve a purpose. Andy, by the way, are known as tetra-pods. When gigantic waves splash and hit hard against the shore, these pods absorb a portion of the marine energy. And keep the waves from destroying the promenade!

5. Mumbai’s jewel

You haven’t lived right; if you haven’t visited the drive at night! After all, it is said to the Queen’s Necklace for a reason! The street lights which are available at night make the road look like a string of pearls and create one of the largest illusion of a necklace. In fact, the view is said to be so spectacular that people in the late 1900’s would often trek to Malabar Hill to take in the beautifully illuminated curve of the road. A visual that prompted a European journalist in the 1930s to first call it the “Queen’s Necklace.”

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