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Nykaa Offers Stationery For Stationery Lovers Too!

Yup! You read that right. Nykaa is a leading cosmetics store online, and everybody knows that. But it has a whole stationery section too, which I bet most people do not know about. Well, this article is for your enlightenment, not to worry!

So the first thing I did was to simply type the keyword ‘stationery’ in the search tab. Since. the ‘categories’ tab does not have an easy-to-find or view stationery column. And it gave me 899 results! Yes! 899 results for ‘stationery’! It also has about 9 brands and 8 category filters such as notebooks, gift boxes, cards and envelopes, accessories, etc.

The price for most products range from around 150 rs to 4000 rs and most of these products are very beautiful notebooks. Some organizers, creative gift boxes and pen stands are handstitched and handcrafted.

Its personal stationery sets are too beautiful to ignore if you ask me. Personally, I fell in love with quite a few of them, but if I were to absolutely choose one, I will go for this cute blue hues set.

But have you seen this high looks rich and classy set that comes with a box!? It’s just breathtaking. I think everything peach gives this fresh and cool but also smart and sexy vibes.

There are a lot more of these sets, and you can always go and look for your favourite set at Nykaa.

I really like this notebook for a more economical range. I am more of a colours person and so this book is very ‘me’.

For people who like doodling or organizing or for simply buying this book as a gift from someone, Nykaa has all your options. And what’s better, most of these are priced at only 179 rs. –

As a gift:

For the musician and their notes:

For the designer and blogger:

For the intellectual and their thoughts:

See a whole bunch of more of these great notebooks on the website.

It even has really cool planners for really good prices. This travel planner is everything I can ask for in a New Year planner with New Year goals, literally.

Here are some other options too:

Aside from these, it has some really good cards and envelopes for your special occasions. Maybe while gifting some beauty product brought from Nykaa to a friend. You can also add these cool cards as an addition to your set. Looks like a complete gift to me, when you add your personalized message on a card fit for the occasion.

And finally, you can buy one of the bag sets available at Nykaa to put your gift in, and keep some for yourself 🙂

So go to Nykaa and buy your obsession!

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