Brand Positioning and Messaging: More Than A Mission Statement

In the year 1969, a person named Jack Trout revealed the concept of brand positioning and messaging across the globe. He was the only person who provided with an effect which is having very powerful marketing. From so many years, the concept of brand positioning is more just like a relevant to businesses. If in today world. The services market is much larger and more crowded, then the buyers are having a wide range of firms to choose from, and with the growing and developing of a local firm, internet and contending with the companies across the entire nation, if not just only the world.

This is a place where the brand positing comes into the picture. It explains how the people see the places in a market and prescribes way firms which can carve out places in the brain of the buyers.

Definition of Brand Positioning

The process of settings up your firm apart from just having the competitors in such a way that it will build some of the more preferences among the target audience. Its primary goal is to associate your brand or firm with the main sort of category who might take up your services.

Importance of Brand Positioning

At the time of having a properly structured and proper entire brand position. There are lots of advantages to your firm. As positioning can provide you with the firm with a much more conceptual sort of template for your brand, your messages among the market, the product/services you offer and the way you make the price structure.

Here are some of the key advantages of brand positioning:

  • It simply clarifies that how you are much more different to the other competitors. You will finally come to know that what sets you different and how you interact about your firm in a new set of approach.
  • It helps to focus you on a specific kind of market. When you simply provide the limited set of services to the limited set of audience. Then at that point in time, your market will become much more effective and powerful.
  • It helps to drives some of the creative decisions. At the time of understanding the core message which you surely need to communicate with aspects. Then you can make the informed decisions with the help of the entire creative process. Your brand positioning becomes the entity of your visualize brand.
  • Brand positioning helps you to gain new clients as it arms your business development team with a critical set of arguments. They can use in the form of closing and nurturing process.


Most of the professional’s services firms nowadays are poorly positioned in the marketplace. They usually have a belief that they can easily et the more clients by merely opening their arms to everyone. But that does not happen always. When the buyers look around and see the arms everywhere, they have lots of choices to navigate.

This is the reason; the strategy of brand positing is so important. It simply gives you the prospect which will let someone get interested in and will convince them to buy from you in the end.

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