Goodbye To Uneven Skin Tone

Knowing your skin type before you plan to try a product, should be the first step of your skincare routine. That’s because not every skin care product will suit your skin, even if it is homemade. We have inherently different skin types at different points of time and even geographically. And when you use the right products that suits exactly your skin, it leads to:

  • Repair and maintenance of your skin barriers

  • Restoration of a healthy glow and smooth texture

  • A decrease in any skin-related problem that you may have.

If you look closely, you will notice that the colour of some parts of your body or face is different from that of the other parts. For instance, the area around your mouth is darker than the rest of your face, or your face is lighter than your neck. This is because your skin tone is not even, and this happens due to several reasons:

Sun Exposure: Who doesn’t love sun-kissed skin? But when the love affair with the sun gets too intense, your skin produces excessive melanin. These pigments absorb UV rays, which ultimately damage your skin cells, making the exposed areas darker than the rest. This also causes hyperpigmentation.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: If any part of your skin has sustained wounds, the scar may get darker. This is called scarring. Even acne on your face can leave ugly scars behind.

Hormonal Changes: If you are pregnant or take contraceptives, the imbalance in hormones may cause high melanin production. This condition is called melasma, and it can give you an uneven skin tone. You may get melasma if your skin reacts to certain cosmetic products or drugs.

Ageing: As you age, you get age-related spots on your face and other areas.

Hyperpigmentation: It can be diffuse or focal, affecting such areas as the face and the back of the hands. Melanin is a class of pigment responsible for producing colour in the body in places such as the eyes, skin, and hair. Due to extended exposure to UV rays, the melanin loses its original composition and the colour of the skin changes.

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