Is Combination Skin A Boon Or A Bane?

Getting the best of both worlds might sound like a treat to most people. But in terms of skin types, it can sometimes be a nightmare. No two skin types are the same. You may have dry, oily, normal or sensitive skin. In a world where there is pressure to look presentable at all times. It is important to know that good skin care is the easiest way to achieve it. The tough part? It is figuring out the skin type you have and the right kind of treatments for the same.

Have you ever had trouble figuring out if your skin is dry or oily?  Then your type of skin is called Combination skin. It is when some parts of the skin are predominantly oily while the other parts are dry. This happens because of the unequal accumulation of dead cells in certain parts. Like the cheeks and nose making it dull and rough, whereas the T-zone (central part of the face, including the forehead nose and chin) appear oily and shiny because of excess oil production.

Common signs of combination skin are when you get acne breakout and dry skin patches at the same time. If you see blackheads, whiteheads and spot dandruff on you, you have combination skin. It is a fairly common type of skin occurring that is mostly hereditary, meaning that you have most likely inherited it from your parents and grandparents. Other factors maybe are environmental factors like pollution or usage of harsh chemicals on your skin that causes you to produce excess oil which further irritates the skin to cause breakouts.

Is having combination skin a boon or a bane? It is debatable for it is a bit of both. Since your skin requires the care of both oily and dry skin, it has the pros and cons of both types.

Having combination skin means to have a natural highlighter to your face that everyone will envy. Thanks to oily regions, your skin is always shiny and this makes it look younger and wrinkle-free. The dry skin regions (cheeks, in particular) ensure that you do not develop acne or breakouts in the most prominent areas in your face. Spotting pores is also impossible as dry skin doesn’t have open pores.

On the other hand, however, Combination skin does have its minus points. Oily skin opens up pores for excess oil production and this irritates the skin to have breakouts in areas like the forehead. Hence, it requires constant cleaning. As the skin doesn’t have a uniform texture, what may suit one part of your face might turn out to be unhealthy for the other parts. Hence one needs to search for products that combination skin friendly and stick to organic products.

Companies like Nykaa who care for your skin have products made especially for the same. With a section made only for combination skin, the company sells sunscreens, toners, scrubs, masks and peels for low prices all in one place!

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