12 Disney Movies To Be Excited About In 2019

So Disney releases a whole bunch of amazing movies every year. Whether you are a fan of animated movies or live action, it certainly has something in stock for you. Some of these are the most anticipated movies of 2019!

Here are some amazing movies that Disney is either producing, distributing or making. Hold on for a fun ride!


Yes! This amazing and highly loved series is getting its own live-action movie. Everyday teen hero Kim Possible saves the day again, only, not in theatres. Releasing on the small screen on the Disney Channel on 15th February. Kim Possible is a great watch to feel nostalgic, and you don’t even have to pay for it, well, unless you don’t even have a dish connection, in which case, go! get one already!


Every Marvel fan is going crazy for this movie, and of course Infinity War Endgame. It comes as no surprise that this movie will great background for Avengers. Marvel’s first Female Lead movie of the MCU is also all about superpowers and, Carol Danvers, played by the Oscar-winning Brie Larson. Releasing on March 8, This is the first Disney Movie of 2019 and is hitting the theatres with the Marvel tag!


After Captain Marvel comes a Disney classic. Dumbo originally released in 1941. To put things into perspective, let me tell you that it is over 70 years ago during the time of World War. A time when the world was fitting and gasping for air. Walt Disney went ahead and made a fable, one that was successful even during a crisis like that. Even the original Dumbo is worth watching, even today like most Disney classics are, but Disney decided to cash in again on it’s classic by making a Live Action film out of the original. Also releasing in March, Disney made sure there are enough weeks between its two movies for fans to be able to hit the theatres again on 29th March


Each year Disney releases a Documentary by its special wing ‘DisneyNature’. Even though lesser known, these Disney documentaries are really fun, which one can realize by watching its trailer. Mostly every time it releases on Earth day, and if you ask me, it’s a cool thing, making interesting documentaries about all kinds of animals and places. This time it is on Penguins. Releasing on April 19th, the story follows a penguin Steve, who is having trouble coping up to a lot of things but manages nevertheless.


Yes, yes. I hear you. This is the movie you have been waiting for forever. Since Infinity War’s credits rolled last year. If I wasn’t also a DC fan, I would definitely say this is the most anticipated movie for me, but I am waiting on Shazam! as well. To think both movies are releasing in the same month! Go, Disney! Releasing on 26th April, this movie is pretty much going to break a lot of previous records, and maybe stitch a lot of hearts left broken by Infinity Wars, fingers crossed.


Another Disney classic that was a hit is Aladdin. Isn’t this the only Disney Princess movie that main character is the poor street boy on whose life journey the movie is made? Well, Arabian Nights, Aladdin is back! Another Live Action remake by Disney, Aladdin is set to hit the theatres on 24th May. And did I tell you that Will Smith is the Genie? Well well, gotta watch the movie now, don’t we?


In the list of Disney sequels comes Toy Story 4, which continues even after Andy has left for college. Trying to find Woody’s long lost girlfriend are our favourite characters from the previous three gems. Hold your horses for this movie which is set to release on 21st June.


Ah! the Marvel set does not end with Endgame if you thought that is it, because ‘Here comes the Spider-Man’. It seems that this movie has not one, not two, but three classic Spider-Man antagonists! An action-packed movie is Marvel’s style after all. The movie hits the theatres on 5th July and picks up where probably Endgame leaves while retaining its old cast.


Yes, I am a Lion King fan. Yes, I love it more than the Avengers. Sorry. And I cannot wait for this movie! Its a remake, but what is best is the fact that it seems no scene is changed. Its just being made apt for this century. The original released in 1994, and it’s about time the graphics were upgraded, although I love the old one just as much. Coming this July 19th, is Simba, and his empire.


Finally, a new movie with a blank slate which is not a remake or a sequel. This science fiction fantasy film is going to release on 9th August. It is all about fairies and magical creatures, but don’t think even for a second that this is anything like Tinker Bell, because this movie grows complex as it unfolds. This movie is actually a part of a much larger collection, based on first in 8 books by Eoin Colfer because of course, Disney loves a franchise.

11. FROZEN 2

On the subject of Franchise, here comes another. Just when you think that there is a happy ending in Frozen, comes Frozen 2, destined to be a success like the former. The fans can’t get enough of this movie, and to think that its sequel took 5 years to make? Yes, Frozen was released in 2013. It was so long ago and yet doesn’t feel so. Make sure that you don’t ‘Let It Go’ by missing it on 27th November.


Yes, Star Wars is a Disney film! Who knew! Well, this movie is the final chapter in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and is another Disney franchise which has such a dedicated following that it is only one step away from becoming a cult. Just kidding. Don’t miss the movie, and, Carrie Fisher on 20th December, although it’s not like I have to tell you that since you probably already have multiple reminders set.

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