Five Programming Languages Used By Ethical Hackers

Hacking cannot just be clicking of buttons. It is a serious profession which works with the help of different programming language.

Five programming languages for hacking are:


HTML which is considered as one of the widely and easily used web programming languages. By knowing HTML, a hacker can understand some of the basic concepts of logic, response structure, and web actions.


JavaScript which is one of the most used client-side web programming language, which means it dies and lies in the browser only. An ethical hacker needs to learn it in priority mode, which helps in understanding the client-side mechanism for discovering client-side flaws.


Just like the JavaScript, PHP is a server-side programming language. The client will never be able to see the code which is why most attacks always will be on a server side. It helps to control everything on server and site. Learning PHP is a must for every ethical hacker beginner.


When it comes to the name of core hacking, python is best. It allows the testing and rapid development which are mainly used for ethical hacking and security professionals. Some of the most aspiring hackers need to learn Python Socket Programming because it helps a lot in exploit creation.


C is a computer programming language which is mostly used in the creation of software for the Windows, Linux, etc. Moreover, it is also used for the exploit scripting and development by ethical hackers. C++ is the most powerful language which is used by ethical hackers than C.

You can try learning JavaScript or PHP, as it can also be used for building applications apart from just hacking. Both of these languages are popular languages among the IT industry nowadays for building rich web applications.

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