10 Reasons Why Watching Movie Alone At A Theater Is Not Weird

Ever went alone for a movie? “What are you talking? why would I go alone? I have a group of cool friends to hang out with!!” And trust me, I know, when you say that. It is relatable but do you yourself know what are you missing out? Going alone to a movie is an experience in itself. You might wonder why should you do that but, here are some reasons that may make think you twice.

1. You save money

Remember the last time when you wanted to watch that Bollywood romantic movie so bad. And your friends were making hundreds of different kinds of excuses. But it was all until the day you got the tickets. As soon as you got tickets for them, they changed their mind, hopped in and you finally got to watch your favourite movie. BUT? You had to pay 6 times the cost and I know with friends its all worthy and all. What if you went alone, and with the rest of the money, got yourself a trending pair of sneakers and prime subscription for 2 months?

2. You keep yourself away from the arguments

Who likes to stand in between a group of people who are talking in loud voices, using all kinds of non-agreeing body language. It’s all so much to bear for the sake of spending some good time together. If you decide to go by yourself. You are not only saving your precious energy but also the slightly ill feeling that develops when you disagree with someone.

3. Popcorn’s yours!!

Yes, now because of courtesy and considering the bond which we have, we share the bucket of popcorn. But admit it, nobody really likes it. Someone reaching out your bucket of caramel cheese popcorns and grabbing a whole handful of stuff at once, not cool. If you go alone, you do not need to share your favourite flavour with anyone, and the rest of the combo items are also yours.

4. Sit the way you want to

Often it happens that when going with friends, you are not able to sit the way you really want to. Maybe you want to cross your legs and keep them on the seat. But the thought that, “how would they think?” They stop us from being in our comfort zone. So homie, go alone and sit the way you want to, wherever you want to. Sometimes it happens that you are not able to rest your arms the way you really want them to. Because someone is sitting beside you, or you want to sit in a completely different row and seat. We got one life man, and it should be filled with comfort.

5. Be your own critic

Everyone has a separate interpretation of a scene or of the whole movie itself and they all have to prove their point. Be it your friends and sometimes even family, especially the dangerous ones called cousins. They all have a different perspective, and so do you. So watching a movie alone saves you from all those situations where you really have to settle for an argument for which you are not in favour. You can feel satisfied with your own thoughts. What else do you need, man?

6. Cry any time you want to

You need not bother about anyone. Nobody knows you or you are not there to create a solid image of yourself in front of anyone. You can be emotional, you can cry, laugh, do anything, express your excitement any way you want to.

7. You will understand the story better

Watching a movie alone will help you get the plot better. Because you are free of those annoying questions coming from either your right (generally happens with me) or sometimes your left. And you do not have to answer them and miss all the important scenes. You can focus on the screen without any disturbance and with movies coming up that will decide the existence of half of the universe. You should be more than just attentive while watching them.

8. You can save your time

Ever happened that you had to go to a showroom or store because your friend wants to buy a pair of socks, for which she took one and a half hour? Or maybe there was confusion among your friends about whether to go to the cafe or to go straight home? Now all these things require a lot of time. And it often happens, that due to all these things, our time is killed. Go alone, watch a movie, do what’s required and come back home. It’s so simple, and efficient.

 9. You get self-dependent

Sounds a bit old school but, when you plan for yourself. You stick to a schedule and reach a place on time, just for the first scene of the movie. You are actually improving your time management skills and also becoming independent. All the time, its either your best friend’s friend, that picks you up and drops you back. And you even have to wait unless he is there. Sometimes, he even ditches the drop schedule due to his date. So when you go alone, nothing can go wrong.

10. Last but not least, you get to spend time with yourself

Referred to as Me time, or some people call it “solitude“. This alone time teaches you to be with yourself. To find happiness within oneself. When you do not have people to talk to when you do not have an external moment of truths bombarding your brain. Then is the time when you really start thinking about yourself. You get to know yourself better, and the best part is, you learn to be alone. It is for all of us, you may be hanging out with the coolest girl on this planet or your guy is the funniest one you ever came across, but, nothing is permanent, expect you and yourself. Someone stays or not, you are going to be with yourself, to develop a habit of spending time with yourself.

It might be weird and saddening at first, going to a movie alone, but eventually, you will feel content with yourself. Stop being dependent on others for your happiness, start finding it within yourself. And do not forget, life is all about you.

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