Bangkok Residents Coughing Blood!!!

Thailand’s capital Bangkok is facing a serious problem of air pollution nowadays. The air quality of Bangkok is deteriorating day by day. Residents of Bangkok are facing a huge problem in living. The quality of air is so bad that many people witnessed blood during Coughing, Red eyes and many other problems due to air pollution.

Retch air pollution and high Smog in Bangkok has affected the residents of Bangkok. Due to this problem, many people got ill and all are finding it difficult to reside there. Some people raise this issue on social media to show the images of the people. They are harshlycCoughing blood and shared their concern towards this issue.

Hazardous dust particles commonly known as PM 2.5 has exceeded the safe level in 41 areas around the capital, according to pollution of air control. It is a mixture of solid particles that include dust, soot and smoke one of the main reasons for the air quality index.

Many other residents shared their images of Coughing Blood, bleeding nose, and blood red eyes. Authorities have advised them to take care of themselves as the condition will become mere and more critical day by day. Authorities have also banned diesel cars to enter the area as they emit toxic gases which certainly harm the people. Factories, workshops have been ordered to remain closed till further news.

Is Delhi Next?

The same situation could arise in Delhi as well. As Delhi is one of the top most polluted cities among 257. Smog problem in Delhi has also affected the residents of Delhi.

Delhi is also among the most polluted cities in India. It has undertaken many lives due to air pollution. Smoke, dust, polluted air has resulted in heavy diseases.

To stop these problems WE as a whole should unite for this cause and should take some serious steps to overcome this problem of air pollution.

We have to follow this mantra :


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