Facebook’s Newest Launch Will Be A Meme App For Kids

Since the last few years, Facebook had been losing its teenage user. To bring back the population that it lost due to brain drain to Instagram and Twitter. Facebook is now launching a new app called LOL.

LOL seems to be a Meme oriented app with categories like ‘For You’, ‘Animals’, ‘Fails’ and ‘Pranks’. (To be honest, we already have an amazing app with these categories and more, dedicated following and great content called 9GAG. If you haven’t checked it out yet, sure do.) However, it seems like Facebook’s target audience is children. A spokesperson from Facebook told TechCrunch that the app is in early concept stages and they are running tests. I gather it is probably a small scale Beta Testing.

The company has not come to a conclusion whether LOL shall be an app in itself, or will be an extension of Facebook. With multiple categories, this app is mainly a Meme and GIF sharing app, so probably most of its feed will be filled with images only.

This attempt though sounds more like desperation from Facebook, say social media experts. Think about this, when in a time like this we need to get younger minds off the mobile screens. Facebook keeps finding ways to keep them hooked to their cell phones, which is not good especially if the content is not regulated. This is much like Facebook’s Messenger Kids, which was asked to be withdrawn by experts all over. Facebook only seems to be expanding it.

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“At a time when there is mounting concern about how social media use affects adolescents’ well being, it is particularly irresponsible to encourage children as young as pre-schoolers to start using a Facebook product,”

quotes Hindustan Times

Even though Facebook has failed numerous times before. In trying to hold on to a demographic that is more suitable to its advertisers. It seems as though Facebook is not giving up anytime soon. After Lasso and Bonfire, LOL seems to be Facebook’s new hope. Given the competition that it is already facing from Snapchat, 9GAG, TikTok and such. There seems to be no reason for LOL to fly. Unless it has some special feature that is drastically different and users flock to it overnight.

Let us see if Facebook created apps like Poke, Slingshot, Riff, Rooms and TBH teach Facebook anything and if what it does with LOL is any different.

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