5 Must Have Applications In Today’s Time

Millions of applications are available to us in today’s world. Irrespective of whether you use an iPhone or an android. For one purpose, there are multiple apps which can make our work easier and more efficient. However, as a customer, we always want the best according to our needs. So instead of going through the pains of trying out 100s of apps.

There are 5 must have applications in today’s time:

  1. Netflix: If you have not used this app yet, then trust me you are missing something great in your life. It is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your favourite device. The app has all the series and movies that you have ever heard of with great video and audio quality. It has over 139 million paid subscribers in around 190 countries worldwide. The content is not restricted to Hollywood making it more in demand across the globe. Even though it is not for free, but you get one-month free trial and judge is accordingly and the basic pack starts with 500.
  2. LastPass: It is a password manager app. This app can lock down our passwords and personal information and save our time when we are filling tedious forms while signing up for a service. It can even generate a new and strong password for your use when you are struggling with it. With the help of this app, you can sync passwords between all your devices. Moreover, the best part is that it is for free. 
  3. Google Pay: Google Pay is a digital wallet platform to pay online for a trip, meal, movie and enjoy many new experiences. It makes your payment easier and secure. This is also an app which is for free. 
  4. WPS Office: It is one of the best Android office apps which is a free Office Suite application. This app is easy to use and compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google docs, spreadsheets, etc. You can also connect to the Cloud Drive to save your documents to the cloud platform. 
  5. Google Maps: Google Maps is a web mapping service. We all know how streets can fool you at times and make you feel like you are in a maze. Google Maps is the best if you are not good with roads and directions. It offers satellite imagery and 360° panoramic views of streets. Even the traffic conditions are shown along with the best short route to travel either by foot or any vehicle.

These are 5 most amazing and really important apps that you must have which can help your life more comfortable. So, go and start downloading!

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