TRAI’S New Rule For DTH

Entertainment is the basic need of a family in today’s fast growing world. It can be in any way like watching television, movies, playing games, hanging out with friends. Television is one of the cheapest means of entertainment. Television has now become an integral part of one’s life. The technology is updating day by day, different rules and regulations are coming which are improving the quality of channels.

TRAI’S has issued a new statement stating that consumers will have a full choice on the SD (standard definition) channels that get part of these new rules and regulations.

TRAI’S in a new press released that consumers will have complete freedom to choose 100 channels at a time. It will be offered at a price of Rs. 130. These 100 channels can be from free to air or paid channels also or the bouquet of channels being shown by the broadcaster.

The network capacity fee for just 100 channels will be Rs 130. However, if this combination of 100 channels has paid channels in it. Then the MRP of those will also be added to the bill. Then there will be 18 per cent GST.

TRAI’S stated that it has noticed that some broadcasters are advertising their offer via channel broadcasting. There will be an option to choose more than 100 channels. As then after 25 channels will be at available at @20 extra network fees. It means if you choose 25 more channels than your network fee will increase. Then 18%GST will be adding, this means that the final price could increase than the original price. Similarly, if someone is watching fewer channels than their bill will be less as compared to others.

And if anyone is choosing HD channels then it will count as two channels.

All providers will run a consumer information channel preferable run on 999. It will tell about the offer period on that respective channel that will help its users to come in context with the different offers.

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