What Is VFX? What Are Its Techniques?

VFX is the process of creating a visually enhanced imagery with the help of graphics. It is used when the animator chooses to depict something which cannot be shot in a live environment. It has to be simulated in the world of virtual reality.

Techniques used in VFX

VFX, like animation, is a very broad term. There are many techniques for creating visual effects.

One or a combined combination of these techniques can produce the result:

Sound and Light effect: Technology advancement had aided the animators in adding a rich experience to the art of making movies.

Augmented Reality: This is being used to create a visual environment with the real settings of the world environment. It supplements the information which is already visible to us in a much more efficient and detailed manner.

Camera mapping: The animation is done from the camera point of view and not just the object.

Future of VFX

VFX is widely being used in the making of the Hollywood movies, be it live action or an animated film. It has also slowly become a part of the production process. With this trend, VFX has also made a successful entry in the Indian filmmaking industry as well. The future is shining and bright for the animators and visual effects artists across the globe.

• Many of the films like the Transformers and, World War Z, Harry Potters series and The Avengers. They have used VFX technology to make the situation believable for the audience. Indian has also used this technology in making movies like the Ra. One, Roadside Romeo, and Chennai Express.

• New professional opportunities: With a large number of companies recognizing these results and the impact of the VFX. New job opportunities are available in various domains other than the media and films, the domains include education, corporate, medical, etc, nowadays are also hiring the VFX and animator’s artists.

• Learning and advancements: With the new latest technology launched almost every day, VFX artists will always learning a new set of methods of adopting and using that technology.

• Growing at a faster pace: This industry will be going to be better and bigger with the video games, Cinema & Television and marketing embracing technology to widen their reach. There is also a demand for the VFX artists in each of these fields.

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